Tropical forest, West Africa at night
Tropical Forest, West Africa at dawn
Chimpanzees, close up calls
Wildebeest, several grazing & grunting, with birds & insects in background
Elephants trumpeting & breaking branches
Lions roaring, with crickets in background
Male lion roaring (with clean background)
Lions with insect chorus, in tropical evergreen forest at dusk
Kenya: Lakes Naivasha early morning atmosphere, with birds - including hoopoe & boubou shrike
Kenya: Lakes Naivasha daytime atmosphere, with hippo grunting & snorting, coots, grebes & hoopoe in background
Kenya: Lake Nakuru morning atmosphere with flamingoes
Kenya: Amboeseli National Park early morning atmosphere, doves & Go-Away birds
Rwanda: Early evening tropical rain forest atmosphere, with marsh & tree frogs & insects
Zaire: Late evening marshy jungle atmosphere, with tree frogs & crickets
Central African Republic: Bangui, early evening tropical rain forest atmosphere, with insects. (Recorded near Bangui.)
Senegal: Suleti water holes on savanna (during dry season, with insects & birds (cicadas, purple starlings, distant red-beaked hornbills & doves)
Cameroon: Tropical rain forest atmosphere, with turaco birds, insects & tree frogs
Cameroon: Yaounde, mid afternoon tropical rain forest atmosphere, with crickets, tree frogs & rain on big leaves. (Just south of Yaounde.)
Cameroon: Kribi, mid morning tropical rain forest atmosphere, with birds & insects
Cameroon: Kribi, early evening tropical rain forest atmosphere, with insects & frogs
Airport waiting lounge (Cape Town International Airport) - 100 persons waiting for flight with light jet engine sound in background
Open air flea market (Cape Town) - busy bustling market with sellers crying out
Delicatessen fridge noise plus cuctomers and diners chatting and buying
Campsite (Naukluft Mountains) - light wind in trees, 7am, sound of birds with occaisional people
Quiet street corner (Swakopmund) - traffic, children, pedestrians and distant ocean surf
Kenya: Nairobi, fish & meat market, with knife sharpener, banging & clattering. (Could be used as workshop, factory, etc.)
Ethiopia: Pawi, muted chatter (Amharic), with birdsong & a creaking chair
Ethiopia: Gana Beles, market crowd, with some distinct speech (Shankilla & Amharic)
Ethiopia: Bahar Dar, market atmosphere, with some traffic & distinct speech (Amharic)
Zaire: Kisangani, street atmosphere with some traffic, bike bells, car horns, footsteps & distinct speech
Zaire: Lisala, schoolchildren, with cicadas
Zaire: Gabadalit, small noisy crowd, with screaming children & footsteps
Central African Republic: Carnot, market atmosphere in small town, with some traffic & distinct speech
Niger: Niamey, central Post Office, very echoey, with footsteps & some indistinct speech. (Could be used as conference hall, station, etc.)
Niger: Niamey, market atmosphere, with traffic & bells
Algeria: Tamanrasset, market atmosphere, with distant traffic
Morocco: Rabat, schoolchildren, with singing & playground games
Morocco: Rabat, souk (market)
Morocco: Rabat, cafe atmosphere with audible traffic, TV & expresso machine
Morocco: Marrakesh, market square with music & distant traffic
Morocco: Meknes, street atmosphere with echoey footsteps
Morocco: Meknes, food market (medina) with some distant traffic
Africa: Botswana, semi-desert atmosphere in spring, light scrub
Africa: Swaziland, Middle Veld atmosphere in spring, light scrub, trees.
Africa: Zambia, cicadas in springtime.
Africa: Botswana, light semi-desert atmosphere in spring