Half a dozen werewolves - 1972
Assorted sheep bleating - 1972
Mother and child sheep bleating - 1972
Trio of horse neighs - 1972
Mating cry young donkey - 1972
One donkey donkeying - 1972
Wild boars having tea - 1972
Street scene, Christchurch - outside arts centre (afternoon), horse-drawn carriage passes, tram approaches, stops, then departs with honks, clanks and hiss of steam
Khao Yai National Park, monkeys in forest canopy (late morning)
Khao Yai National Park, nightime forest atmosphere near pond with night frog chorus, insects & Park Ranger's jeep
Horsedrawn gun carriage starts, runs, stops, turns, stops (recorded on board) - 1970 (83E)
Horsedrawn gun carriage approaches and stops, panting of horse, moves off - 1970 (83E)
Horsedrawn gun carriage passing slowly - 1970 (83E)
Horsedrawn gun carriage passing - 1970 (83E)
Elephant seal colony, Valdes Peninsula, Argentina
Milking Parlour, interior, door opens & cow enters parlour (live acoustic), calf scampers in behind, cow chained up, plastic bucket put on floor
Cattle, exterior, 10 cows walk past over rough track, with vehicle in distance
Cattle, exterior, approx 30-50 passing on tarmac, with some wind noise (effect ends abruptly)
Three Pigs, exterior, grunting occasionally in yard, with some ducks, dogs & cows in the background
Pigs, interior, pigs feeding with occasional noise from ducks, cows & dogs
Pigs, interior, general atmosphere of approx 20 pigs feeding, very active with some loud squeals
Piglets, interior, approx 20-30 2-5 month old pigs, scurrying around in bungalows (special fattening pens) in number, some older pigs in background
Farrowing Pens, interior, general atmosphere with lots of snorting, squealing & grunting
Piglets, interior, suckling. (Close perspective recording, some flies heard on microphone.)
Farrowing Pens, interior, general atmosphere of piglets a few days old, squealing & grunts from sows. (Close perspective recording.)
Goats, interior, being fed with lots of bleating & movement (general atmosphere)
Goat House, interior, general atmosphere with about 20 goats moving around pens & cudding, dogs bark occasionally in the distance
British Saanen Goat (interior) & Kid (exterior), goat bleats, kid returns call, with some birdsong
Anglo Nubian Goat, exterior, bleating (some very loud calls)
Old-English Goat, interior, bleating, occasional wind noise
Goat, interior, milked by hand, milk poured into churn at end of band, low level occasional distant traffic
2 Indian elephants growling and trumpeting, with some footsteps in undergrowth,chewing noises
Indian elephant trumpeting, no background
Indian elephant growling, no background
Fruit bats and painted storks, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu
Cattle, exterior, calves out of trailer
Cattle, calves loaded/unloaded from trailer, rear tailgate opened/closed, straw spread, calves loaded, faint wind in trees
Cattle, cows walking down muddy lane, lots of moos. (Close perspective recording, ends abruptly.)
Cattle, cows mooing in yard with some birdsong, loud moo (close perspective), others move round yard
Cattle, cow startled in cattle crush, makes loud complaining moo
Goats mating, with other goats bleating in background & some wind in trees. (Perspective varies as goats move around in front of microphone.)
Goats, exterior, billy calling to nanny. (British Saanen goat.)
Sheep, one sheep being sheared with some noise from sheep. (Close perspective recording, length of track equals time taken to shear one sheep.)
Sheep, exterior, sheep run past on concrete, with some wind in trees
Sheep, exterior, sheep scurry past (with no animal sounds)
Sheep, 30 to 50 ewes & lambs calling in field, scattered then approach, food bucket shaken, food into troughs, one lamb bleats on own, loud bleats. (Cows & birds heard occassionally in background.)
Chacma Baboons, male chasing another, with background
Chacma Baboons, juveniles screaming, with background
Chacma Baboon, juvenile screaming, with background
Chacma Baboon, adult calling
Chacma Baboons, two juveniles playing, with background
Elephant close up, others in background. (Elephants recorded in captivity, some slight scho from walls.)
Leopards, close up, growling & breathing
Cheetahs, close up purring from several animals, with some movement sounds
Horsedrawn traffic - 1972
Dolphins echo underwater (NZ)
Lions eating carcass (inside cage)
Lions eating carcass (exterior)
Lion roaring (inside cage)
Two dogs fighting