Atmosphere in store with distinct speech
Harbour skyline, Sydney cove - overlooking Circular quay, The Rocks and Sydney Harbour Bridge, water lapping againt jetty, ferry horns, distant trains arriving and leaving (evening)
Dawn skyline atmosphere, birdsong including crows, distant traffic, barking dogs (rec. in yard enclosed by apartment blocks in Bucharest city centre)
Exterior - atmos. in small quiet Romanian country village, dogs bark, geese in distance, children, occasional passer-by on rough unpaved road, distant intermittant voices, birdsong
Exterior - hillside above a Romanian village, wide perspective, birdsong, distant motor traffic, occasional insects, rooster crowing, chickens scratching, dogs
Rural France - night atmosphere
Edge of Lake Grey (Chile), Forest, birds, loose ice from glacier
Dickson Forest (Chile) at foot of glacier. Birds, insects
Bamboo and reed forest wind through undergrowth with birds. San Martin de los Andes, Argentina
Dickson Forest, Chile - rich atmosphere, many birds & insects
Sunset at Lake Venados, Argentina - good bird calls
Dawn at Lake Venados, Argentina
Lake Venados, Argentina. Water lapping, frogs (background)
British Saanen Goat, exterior, annoyed bleating, moving around a field (some close perspective calls), jackdaws & crickets heard. (Recorded in early evening.)
Open field atmosphere, May, afternoon - with distant traffic and birdsong, 1980
Countryside, March, dusk, 1977
Hedgerow, January, early morning, 1977
Devon hedgerow, early morning - birdsong, occasional sheep, quiet stream, 1973
Devon hedgerow, dawn - stream, birdsong, occasional sheep, 1973
Dawn chorus, with distant cock crow, 1972
Woodland edge, summer - recorded in Wales, distant jet aircraft, 1980
Woodland edge, June, early morning - thrushes and willow warblers predominate, occasional crow, 1979
Woodland edge, March - with robins, great tits and jays, distant traffic, 1981
Woodland, March, early morning - birdsong, raindrops on leaves, some distant traffic, 1978
Woodland, February, daytime - distant traffic, distant aircraft, 1981
Woodland, dusk wind in trees, birdsong, distant light aircraft, bee buzzing, 1972
Woodland, daytime - with birdsong, 1972
Woodland, daytime - blustery wind in trees, birdsong, creaking tree, 1972
Dry-scrub woodland, winter, late afternoon, Haleji Lake, Pakistan, with bulbuls,warblers, moorhen and other birds, insects buzzing, cicada chorus
Lakeside oasis, mid-afternoon, winter, Kirtha Ra National Park, Pakistan, many frogs,some close-up, also birds, insects and wind in trees
Dry deciduous woodland, midday, winter, Lal Suhanra, Pakistan, many collared dovesand insects, other birds in background
Dry deciduous woodland, winter, early morning, Lal Suhanra, Pakistan, very busy, with some close up calls from bulbuls,crow-pheasant, mynahs, parakeets, warblers, doves and treepies
Dry, deciduous woodland, midday, late winter, Lal Suhanra, Pakistan, many birdscalling including house-crows and ring-necked parakeets
Dry deciduous woodland, midday, late winter, Lal Suhanra, Pakistan with insects,collared doves, bulbuls, little green bee-eaters and other birds
Dawn chorus, Madumbalai National Park, Tamil Nadu (S India)with bird song,parakeets, bulbuls and insects
Countryside in spring, near Salo, Finland with willow warbler, chaffinch, fieldfare, great spotted woodpecker, blue tits and greenfinches
Helsinki suburban garden in spring with willow warbler, yellow hammer and skylark
Rosenborg Gardens, Copenhagen, Sunday morning, summer
Night traffic in town - 1972
Night traffic - Trafalgar Square, London - 1972
Norfolk Broads - neutral night atmosphere - 1982
Autumn atmosphere - sparrows, starlings and blackbirds roosting in thicket, more subdued - 1981
Summer atmosphere - quiet English downland during summer, a lark sings from 2'05" to 2'28", distant aircraft - 1980
Summer atmosphere - quiet Welsh hillside during summer - distant traffic - 1980
Summer atmosphere, June - recorded during hot weather with close buzzing of bees - 1981
Summer atmosphere - quiet wind in trees and atmosphere just before dawn, distant aircraft - 1980
Moorland, June - Exmoor atmosphere with chaffinch, redpolls, distant cuckoo, cattle, sheep, raindrops - 1979
Countryside in summer - use at low level
Exterior, 3 bells rung at random in Pre-Reformation style, with birdsong
Interior, 3 bells rung at random in Pre-Reformation style, from interior of church, with some noise of feet and rope
Exterior, 5 bells rung at random in Pre-Reformation style
Exterior, 1 bell rung, with birdsong
Exterior, 7 bells poorly rung, ringing ends, with birdsong and occasional traffic
St. Mary-Le-Bow, exterior, incomplete Maximus from churchyard with distant traffic - July 1976
Village church, single bell ringing up then telling
Village church, peal of 6 bells, ringing stops
Village church, peal of 6 bells
Village church, single bell tolling, ringing ends
Village church, single bell ringing, ringing ends
Water lapping on shore (Loch Lomond)