Lorikeets at dawn, Manly beach, Australia - raccous dawn chorus of Rainbow Lorikeets in tall trees against a background of Tasman sea surf
Budgerigars and doves, Warratah Park, Australia - occasional wind in dry leaves and crow calling
Bellbirds on farm land - recorded at Kurrajong Heights in the Blue Mountains region, Australia (some cars and chain-saw audible in background)
Suburban bush at dawn, Cherry brook - lively bush atmosphere on the Callicoma Trail, including whipbirds, cockatoos, parrots ( distant light plane heard occasionally in background)
Ferry arrives at Circular Quay Sydney, Australia - distant horns, water churning as large ferry arrives, indistinct speech and calls from passengers, warning alarms, clank of metal gates and ramps; passengers disembark
Cicada and trash - lone cicada sings as bags of cans and bottles are thrown away. Urban atmosphere; recorded Sydney, Australia
Building site - Manly, Australia. Large site as heard from above with natural reverberation, hammering, electric saws, drilling, metal sheeting and wood dropped, very distant background surf and some myna birds
Pedestrian crossings, Manly, Australia. Vibrating crossing signals, with passing traffic, footsteps and some distant voices
Street scene, outside Circular Quay - buses stopping with air brakes, taxi rank, occasional passing traffic
Small creek, Charles Darwin walk - bush walk in the Blue Mountains region, some bird calls in background
Lapping water with bird song, Pittwater - early morning, with distant bird calls including whipbirds, laughing kookaburra, parrots and cockatoos
Heavy surf - Manly beach
Surf - Bondi beach