Thirty budgerigars in shed
Agitated birds and cockatiel screeching
Agitated birds and cockatiel screeching
Birds flapping wings with faint calls
A cockatiel calling
Atmosphere in a small shop with caged birds
Single woodpecker practising - 1972
Mother owl hooting - 1972
Father owl hooting - 1972
Irish nightingale - 1972
Smoked herring gull - 1972
One goose gobbling - 1972
Bristle-backed duck - 1972
Indisposed chicken - 1972
More-or-less normal chicken - 1972
Large bird taking off, three attempts - 1972
Birds taking off - 1967
A country idyll, countryside atmos. - 1972
Cars passing on open road - tranquil cicadas and distant birds disturbed by occasional cars passing at speed
Quiet safari park fairground atmos., with birdsong and some ducks quacking at start - May '1985
Mockingbirds at coastguard station, St Simon's Island, Georgia
Birds near sea - St Simons Island, Georgia
Birds by courthouse (Folkston, Georgia)
Exterior - goose run, peasant farm goose run, animated honking and movement (rec. in Romania)
'Pystyll Rhadn' falls, North Wales, with birdsong
Mountain stream bubbling over stones, close perspective, occasional birdsong
Gently running stream, medium distance, with birdsong
The Park de Ville, Cognac - distant hum of traffic, pigeons, peacocks, running water and occasional bells chiming
British Saanen Goat, exterior, bleating, with some birdsong
Country garden, March - with birdsong and some distant traffic, 1978 (1B11 F)
Water birds, Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, with cormorants, asian darter and spoonbill
Birds, Madumbalai National Park, early morning with close-up partridge calls, warblers, crow-pheasants and house crow
Birds at watering hole, Madumbalai National Park, early morning with red-wattled lapwing, warblers, crow-pheasant, black kite, house-crow and cicadas
Birds at watering hole, Madumbalai National Park, Tamil Nadu, late afternoon with mynahs, barbets, parakeets, bulbuls and crickets
Cattle, TB testing in yard, with lots of mooing from cows & noise from cattle crush, with occasional gusts of wind in trees & birds singing
Sheep, one lamb bleating in barn with occasional reply from ewe from outside, some birds in background. (Recorded inside barn.)
Chickens, exterior, cockerel & hens scratching in grass for corn, with some very gentle wind in trees & aircraft briefly heard in distance. (Close perspective recording.)
Chickens, interior, hens disturbed in hen-house, very close flap of wings, lots of thuds as hens move around
Chickens, loud cockerel, hens moving round hen-house, with some wind in trees & dog barking occasionally in background. (Microphone outside hen-house.)
Turkeys, interior, general atmosphere of turkey hens
Turkeys, interior, six month old turkeys general atmosphere (ends abruptly)
Turkeys, interior, six month old turkeys, mostly stags (males), startled at 0m17s
Turkeys, interior, eight month old turkeys, mostly hens (females). (Close perspective recording.)
Harbour atmosphere in summer with gulls and terns - 1981
Nightingales singing, close perspective - 1972
Churchyard atmosphere at night - clock strikes 12 midnight at 14", churchyard atmosphere with owls, distant dog barks at 2'50"
Autumn atmosphere - sparrows and starlings roosting in thicket with other birds, distant traffic - 1981
Quiet birds and insects with light breeze - August, 1981
Country scene - tractor ploughing with seabirds - 1973
Country scene - sheep and lambs with birdsong and stream in meadow - 1973
Expectant crowd background with birdsong, footsteps on pavement and speech - 1977
Large expectant crowd with birdsong - wide perspective - 1977
Ducks - solo (NZ)
Ducks - feeding frenzy (NZ)
Peacocks - several birds calling at night
Kea - call, single
Kea - several calls & noises in flight
Yellow Eyed Penguins (NZ)
Little Blue Penquin colony, Oamaru (NZ)
Daytime with birds