Cafe (Folkston, Georgia)
Atmosphere in large cafeteria in London Zoo, with children's voices - 1974
Expresso coffee machine, person preparing coffee, close perspective
Large busy cafe atmosphere with chatter and clatter of plates, occasional cattle mooing in background 1982
Quiet transport cafe with occasional speech and chatter - 1981
Cafe, Presov, (eastern Slovakia), animated chat (Slovak), also noise from coffee machine etc
Self-service cafe, Bratislava, some distinct speech (Slovak), footsteps, general noise
Bar/cafe - people drinking and playing dice, coffee occasionally ground
Cafe, Pecs (small town in southern Hungary), loud speech, some kitchen noise
Large motorway service station
Small motorway service station
Quiet coffee shop in Alexandria
Cafe - Ammassalik
Cafe, Asuncion, with distinct speech, radio, clinks etc. some traffic outside
Cafe, La Paz, with muted speech, clinks, expresso machine, radio and distant traffic
Istanbul, cafe atmosphere, with voices, cups rattled, and backgammon game played
Spain: Noisy cafe atmosphere, with general chatter from young people, occasional whistling from customer & espresso machine heard at intervals
Spain: Cafe atmosphere, with general chatter from older people, door opened & closed frequently, espresso machine heard occasionally
Spain: Noisy bar, with loud fruit machine & general chatter
Greece: Cafe atmosphere, with heavy traffic, chat & crockery clinks, also vendor van. (Could be used as a general town atmosphere.)
Greece: Very busy cafe, with lots of clinks & Espresso machine operated 3 times
Greece: Cafe atmosphere, men chatter quite aminatedly, with chinks of cups & coffe machine
Close perspective atmosphere at counter of busy lunchtime cafe, with expresso machine heard at 3'39"
Crowds, Tuileries Gardens, atmosphere at open air cafe, with speech, children, passing footsteps, birds and distant
Small cafe (Milk Bar) Cracow - with chat, clinks and general noise
Cafe: Large, Busy, chatter and clatter of plates