Tipping coal from hopper in a coal mine
A pit locomotive operating with constant run in a coal mine
Lift, gates close, cage descends and gates open
Lamp room atmosphere in a coal mine
An agitator belt operating in constant run in a coal mine
Coal falling down a shute in a coal mine
Pneumatic coal drill operating in a coal mine. (Distant perspective)
Pneumatic coal drill operating in a coal mine. (Close perspective)
Miners chatting in pit baths
Tubs crashing together in a coal mine with occasional pit cage bells
Tubs being coupled in a coal mine. (Steam locomotive passes at end)
Wet shovelling in a coal mine
Coal falling into a hopper
Shovelling and distant drilling in a coal mine
Miners assembling at pit bottom with occasional pit cage gates and bells
Close up - coal burning in grate
Building coal fire using paper, kindling & bellows
Delivering sacks to domestic coal bunker
Hand coal packing - pedal operated hopper - cloth sacks filled, loaded onto lorry
Computerised coal packing - plastic sacks filled, sealed, stacked
Lift cage going up & down - miners chatter, hammering
Mine atmosphere underground - very quiet buzz track
Mine atmosphere underground - very heavy running water
Mine atmosphere underground - some drips & loose stones falling
Signals for coal haulage conveyor belt
Water draining from coal face
Mining with pick
Mining with pick & shovel
Nine steel counters indicting number of men to work in blind end
ATM underground telephone
Lift cage door closes then goes underground (some voices)
Winding engine room - lift taken up then down
Winding engine drivers cabin - lift taken up then down
Opening & closing lift cage door
Signalling from pit top to winding engine room, cage door closes
Maintenance at pit top - welding with wynch
Maintenance at pit top - hammering steel, voices, distant perspective
Cage opened and loaded, winding gear operated at slow speed (Blaenarvon, South Wales)
Pit winding gear in operation (Ellistoun Colliery, Leics.)