A milling machine switched on, operates with occasional pauses
Machining and tapping machinery operating
Shaft orientation machine operating
Drilling and reaming machine operating, with occasional pauses
General atmosphere in a busy machine shop with some indistinct speech
A drilling and milling machine operates with occasional pauses
Milling machine operating. (Close perspective)
Lathe shop atmosphere
Lathe switched on, Grinding Tool, slows down, stops
Lathe switched on, turns steel, slows down, stops
Lathe switched on, turns aluminium with occasional pauses
Lathe switched on, turns brass, slows down, stops
Buffing sheet metal parts
Scurfing sheet metal parts
750-ton press stamping out metal parts
High-pressure air pipes singing
Atmosphere in high-pressure spray plant
Spot welding of car bodies
Tightening nuts mechanically
Body building shop atmosphere
General atmosphere in motor car works
Sawing diamond
Sharpening diamond
Polishing gem stone on lapidary's wheel
Chasing gold rings
Rolling gold into sheets
Hammering gold leaf
Pouring fine-grain gold
Shaking pan to dry fine-grain gold
Fine-grain gold taken out & rinsed
Molten gold poured into water
Hot crucible lifted with block and tackle
Gold furnace
Tyre bead-making machine
Weathering tyres
Mixing raw rubber
Heavy steam hisses - tyre factory
Mill room atmosphere
Debagging tyres
Assembly shop atmosphere ("D")
Machine shop atmosphere
Injection moulding shop atmosphere
Assembly shop atmosphere ("C")
Weingarten hydraulic press operating
Wire cutting machine operating
Braiding machine operating
Moulding crusher operating
Thai Steel Warehouse, interior, atmosphere with workers talking & calling, machinery including cranes, truck & steel being moved
General atmosphere at printers rec. near the path rollers at a large printing company
A binding machine (Muller Martini) for assembling magazines, recorded at a large printing company
Newspaper folding machine, large printing company (rec. 1998)
Pressing room, 1970
Pulp grinding, 1970
Boiler rotated, 1970
Boiler lid fitted, 1970
Rag cutting: start; run; stop
Wohlenberg Flying Carpet guillotine, 1970
Air knife coater, 1970
Atmosphere in yard, 1970
Hand sorting; rejecting imperfect sheets, 1970