Changing reel centre, 1970
Dry end of realer, 1970
Sludge pump with start and stop, 1970
Machine house, 1970
Machine house, 1970
Shaft room, 1970
Clay storage chest, 1970
Clay slurry ram pump, 1970
Pulp machine, 1970
Several potchers, 1970
Potcher (pulp maker), 1970
General atmosphere (buttoner, seam pressers, finishers) in trouser factory
Two overlocking machines, trouser facctory
Pfaff automatic contour seamer, trouser factory
Hoffman presses, trouser factory
Belt loop maker, trouser factory
Reece button-holer operating, trouser factory 1960
Many looms operating in carpet factory
Shearing machine
Wool winder in carpet factory
Single loom (double beat)in carpet factory
Single loom in carpet factory
Mediaeval cloth fulling mill - stopping
Mediaeval cloth fulling mill
Hand pressing of dresses
Machine room atmosphere - some background chatter
Intermittent bursts of sewing, conversation in background
Constant sewing - 20 machines
Clothing stitching machine - overlocking
Leather stitching machine
Atmosphere on ground floor of electic power station
Atmosphere outside power station
Atmosphere in oil pump house
Atmosphere in cooling water pump house
Atmosphere near furnace
General atmosphere in main operations room
Bleeps for personal contact
Operations room - internal telephone bells
Atmosphere near main generator
Atmosphere at well of main building
General atmosphere as heard above reactor
Motor hum as heard from viewing area
Central Control - chatter, bells, etc
Water gravity - feed to sea with transformer hum
Cold water circulating pump
Lift doors open and close, runs 1 level, doors open
Above generator motor
Inside turbine casing
Main inlet water valve
Dinorwic Hydro-electric Station - general alarm sounding
Pumped-storage power generation (Dinorwic Hydro- Electric Station) Control room
Pumped-storage power generation (Dinorwic Hydro - Electric Station) Machine hall
Cranes carrying 40 ton lengths from Continuous Casting Plant
Ladle pouring molten iron into convector
Scrap lifted and dropped into steel-making vessel
Kilometre of steel emerging to be cooled
Lengthening hot slab
Scale removal from hot slab by high pressure spray
Steel production (British Steel Corporation, Port Talbot) Hot Strip Mill
Crossfeed chain transporting completed chassis