Interior - tram journey 1950's-built tram with trailer unit - very noisy
Exterior - tram passing, 1960's tram passes right to left with bell
Exterior - busy morning atmosphere at rush hour tram stop, 1960's-built trams arrive
Exterior - tram passing, 1960's-bulit tram pass left to right - traffic in background
Exterior - metro train ride, train arrives and stops, boarded, doors close, interior - not crowded some voices; travel two station stops - exterior - exit onto quiet platform
Interior - metro station platform with trains, train arrives and stops. PA announcement warning of doors closing at 0'48", train departs
Interior - metro station platform atmosphere, quiet, no trains, footsteps and occasional voices
Interior - metro station ticket hall atmos. with one person passing through barrier - ticket franking machine operating with beep (rec. at Izvor metro station Bucharest)
Exterior - platform atmosphere, train boarding, busy movement of people with suitcases and trolleys rattling over mosaic tiling - 2nd train arrives on adjacent platform at 1'50", whistle
Exterior - platform atmosphere, main line station, electric train arrives (rec. close to engine) - PA announcement over
Interior - second class ticket hall atmosphere, main railway station Gara de Nord, very busy with movement, PA announcement at 1'08"
Interior - first class ticket hall atmosphere, main railway station Gara de Nord, busy with movement, several PA announcements in background
Interior - covered vegetable market atmosphere, busy, with close talking and movement
Exterior - market atmosphere, morning, busy with mid-distance talking, movement at outdoor general street market
Exterior - traffic atmosphere, busy rush hour traffic, with birsong and people passing - occasional distant trams (rec. in Piata Unirii, Bucharest)
Interior - trolleybus constant fast run
Interior - trolleybus lurches for quick start
Exterior - slow trolleybus approach & stop, doors open, bus boarded, doors close. Interior - trolleybus moves off in heavy traffic. Exterior - doors close trolleybus departs
Trolleybus pneumatic doors close
Trolleybus pneumatic doors open
Interior - trolleybus continuous tickover
Exterior - trolleybus arrives and departs, with doors open and close
Exterior - trolleybus passes left ot right
Exterior - Dacia (Romania's national car) drive, door open, shut, engine starts, fast drive on dry street, car stop and engine switched off
Exterior - Dacia (Romania's national car) in the rain, starts, police whistles and heavy traffic. Interior - engine start and drive on wet streets in heavy traffic - exterior - car drives away
Exterior - quiet cobbled side street off busy main road, wet weather, cars passing on cobbles
Exterior - Piata Rosetti, Bucharest - morning rush hour atmos., traffic with birdsong, passers-by