Quiet back street, Auckland - distant cars revving and accelerating, hum of air conditioning, sparrows, rustle of wind-blown paper
Queen Street, Auckland - cars and buses passing and waiting at busy crossroads, distant myna birds, laughter, conversation and pedestrian crossing signals
Traffic jam with moving traffic - 1968
Traffic jam - 1968
Colliding traffic with horns - 1967
Bangkok Rush Hour Atmosphere, with motor cycles, cars, buses & Skytrain system. (Recorded in centre of city.)
Courtyard, Prague Castle, echoey footsteps, some distinct speech (Czech), occasional bell, distant traffic
Motorway traffic - close
Traffic, Moscva Ter, Budapest, with heavy traffic, including lots of trams, also footsteps and speech
Quiet main road during the evening - 1972 (1T3)
Small country town, general atmosphere with birds and occasional lorries
Small country town, high street
Provincial town traffic, light and heavy - no footsteps or chatter
Provincial town, some footsteps and chatter
Small town, main street - few footsteps
Traffic on main wet road
Traffic in fog
In a city street
Traffic on trunk road
Fairly heavy traffic on wet road, with pedestrians - few horns
Fairly heavy traffic on wet road - no pedestrians
Oxford Circus with pedestrians
Main road Shepherd's Bush - occasionally heavy
Westminster Bridge
Motor traffic at bust crossroads - traffic lights with filter lane
Motor traffic entering roundabout
Motor traffic leaving roundabout
Traffic entering & leaving, London Airport road tunnel 1958
General traffic atmosphere, London Airport road tunnel 1958
Traffic entering & leaving, Dartford Tunnel 1968
General traffic atmosphere, Dartford Tunnel 1968
Victor 2000 entering - passing vehicles, Dartford tunnel, 1968
Traffic on the M1, 1969 - mid perspective, use at low level
Traffic on the M1, 1969 - close perspective
Traffic at night - distant trains passing over bridge
Traffic moving through snow - use at low level
Traffic moving through snow - use at low level
Traffic moving through snow - use at low level
Small town in the countryside (Bredasdorph) - light traffic, pedestrians and whistling wind
Busy Cairo traffic overlooking River Nile
Noon traffic - Ammassalik, East Greenland
Istanbul, traffic at busy road junction, no voices
Restaurant, Warsaw - with muted chat (occas.distinct) clinks, exterior traffic and some very distant music
Market square,Cracow, evening, footsteps, indistinct speech and some traffic - bell of 'Church of Our Lady' chimes 8 (1'33'') and trumpeteer plays traditional call
Street, Warsaw, with traffic, footsteps, speech (occas.distinct)
Traffic: A fire engine passing through side streets
Traffic: Quiet night atmosphere in side street
Traffic: French, bank of River Seine. Ambulance passes at 6'
Traffic: Whistle from French traffic police
Traffic: Parisian square with footsteps, occasional speech, distant traffic police whistle
Traffic: Busy motorway traffic passing with occasional pause. (M.4. Slough)
Traffic: Daytime city background with pauses in traffic and birdsong. (Occasional hiss from vehicle or machine)
Traffic: Sound of fast traffic on a trunk road
Traffic: A busy city skyline. (Technical note, for use at low level)
Traffic: Heavy in a one way street, occasional dog bark( R - L)
Traffic: Heavy, with footsteps in a one-way street
Traffic: Car Park of Television Centre, distant traffic with occasional close vehicle and footsteps
Traffic: Forecourt of Television Centre, occasional Metropolitan Line train
Traffic: Mid-Distant, atmosphere from roof top, with wind & birds(Technical note, for use at low level)