Bar - 314 sound effects

Saloon bar brawl - 1967
Ferry arrives at Circular Quay Sydney, Australia - distant horns, water churning as large ferry arrives, indistinct speech and calls from passengers, warning alarms, clank of metal gates and ramps; passengers disembark
Performing dogs with whistles, barks and whipcracks
Cooper - making a barrel
Interior - metro station ticket hall atmos. with one person passing through barrier - ticket franking machine operating with beep (rec. at Izvor metro station Bucharest)
Dawn skyline atmosphere, birdsong including crows, distant traffic, barking dogs (rec. in yard enclosed by apartment blocks in Bucharest city centre)
Exterior - atmos. in small quiet Romanian country village, dogs bark, geese in distance, children, occasional passer-by on rough unpaved road, distant intermittant voices, birdsong
Parish Church of St. Bartholomew, Lostwithiel - 6 bells
Snack bar - busy atmosphere, mainly women and children - 1982
Barman activity, putting bottles onto shelves, setting out bar, collecting glasses
Barman collecting glasses from tables
Barman wiping bar, close perspective
Barman washing glasses, close perpsective
Barman setting out bar, background traffic
Barman putting bottles onto shelves, close perspective
Barman up from cellar carrying box of bottles (ends abruptly)
Sports club bar, atmosphere and mixed chatter - Nov '1979
Atmosphere in a large club bar
Old Vic Theatre - large audience,quiet , people entering auditorium with some noise from bars - 1980
Bar/cafe - people drinking and playing dice, coffee occasionally ground
Wimbledon 1997 - Outdoor Bar - crowds, distant commentary (recorded on the tea lawn)
Calves, interior, suckling cow in barn (live acoustic, close perspective recording), lots of movement by calves
Goat House, interior, general atmosphere with about 20 goats moving around pens & cudding, dogs bark occasionally in the distance
Birds at watering hole, Madumbalai National Park, Tamil Nadu, late afternoon with mynahs, barbets, parakeets, bulbuls and crickets
Metro station ticket office at Deli Palyaudvar near top of escalator, busy, with footsteps,ticket barrier noise and escalator noise
Bar, Abaliget (village in southern Hungary) with animated chat (including children) radio, clinks, some exterior traffic noise
Sheep, one lamb bleating in barn with occasional reply from ewe from outside, some birds in background. (Recorded inside barn.)
Chickens, loud cockerel, hens moving round hen-house, with some wind in trees & dog barking occasionally in background. (Microphone outside hen-house.)
Barrel loading - Courage Brewery (large modern brewer)
Churchyard atmosphere at night - clock strikes 12 midnight at 14", churchyard atmosphere with owls, distant dog barks at 2'50"
Cellar wine bar - crowded at lunchtime
Bar - Oslo
Husky dogs barking
Bar - Ammassalik
Bar - Nuuk, West Greenland
Crowded beach with children playing, seawash and small dog barking from 2'22 - 1979
Airport restaurant/bar - Cuiaba
Istanbul, skyline atmosphere, with call to prayer, dog barking, children and traffic
Spain: Small zoo & aviary in recreational area, with lots of noise from monkeys when teased, dog barks occasionally & traffic.
Spain: Noisy bar, with loud fruit machine & general chatter
Greece: Goats with bells, goathered shouting, dog barking, insects & birds
Tijuana: Bar atmosphere
San Pedro: Docker's (Longshoreman's) bar,
Mamou: Bar atmosphere
Cricket, village match with spectators' speech, "Good shot Barry" at 0m20s, call between batsmen at 0s42m. (For use at low level.)
Large Alsatian barking, with some birdsong. (Dog interior, microphone exterior.)
Two Collie/Airdale crosses, interior, barking
Sheep dogs barking in distant barn, with sheep in foreground
Labrador/Collie crosses, exterior, two dogs fighting & playing, one runs off barking in distance, with some birdsong
One dog, exterior, barking with lots of birdsong
Border Collies, exterior, about 10 months old, running around playing & barking, with some early morning birdsong
Hunting hounds, growling & barking. (Close perspective, recorded at the kennels.)
Hunting hound, growling & barking on own then joined by others. (Distant perspective, recorded at kennels.)
Hunting hounds, approximately 60, whining & barking. (Varying perspectives, recorded at kennels.)
Two dogs, exterior, barking & one whining occasionally
Collie/Labrador cross, exterior, barking in distance agitatedly
Collie/Labrador crosses, exterior, barking, with birdsong in background & some wind in trees
Doberman, exterior, barking then joined by border collies
Jack Russell/Corgi cross, interior, leaping around playing & barking, loud barking (at 0m50s)
Horses walking past on tarmac, dog barks & distant aircraft in background, some wind noise