Bird vocalization - 139 sound effects

Small creek, Charles Darwin walk - bush walk in the Blue Mountains region, some bird calls in background
Lapping water with bird song, Pittwater - early morning, with distant bird calls including whipbirds, laughing kookaburra, parrots and cockatoos
Quiet safari park fairground atmos., with birdsong and some ducks quacking at start - May '1985
Merton College, Oxford (some voices and birdsong) - bell strikes 12
Exterior - park atmos., birdsong with crows & pigeons, children playing and adult voices, footsteps - distant traffic (rec. in Cismigiu Park, central Bucharest)
Dawn skyline atmosphere, birdsong including crows, distant traffic, barking dogs (rec. in yard enclosed by apartment blocks in Bucharest city centre)
Exterior - atmos. in small quiet Romanian country village, dogs bark, geese in distance, children, occasional passer-by on rough unpaved road, distant intermittant voices, birdsong
Exterior - hillside above a Romanian village, wide perspective, birdsong, distant motor traffic, occasional insects, rooster crowing, chickens scratching, dogs
Exterior - country-yard atmos., chickens scratching around, birdsong, distant children playing, distant motor traffic occasionally (rec. nr Bulgarian border, Romania)
Exterior - Piata Rosetti, Bucharest - morning rush hour atmos., traffic with birdsong, passers-by
Baby boy, waking up sounds, 10 weeks old, with distant birdsong - 1984
Baby boy, waking up sounds, 10 weeks old, with distant birdsong - 1984
Baby boy, waking up sounds, 10 weeks old, with distant birdsong - 1984
'Pystyll Rhadn' falls, North Wales, with birdsong
Mountain stream bubbling over stones, close perspective, occasional birdsong
Gently running stream, medium distance, with birdsong
Sunset at Lake Venados, Argentina - good bird calls
British Saanen Goat, exterior, bleating, with some birdsong
British Saanen Goat (interior) & Kid (exterior), goat bleats, kid returns call, with some birdsong
Open field atmosphere, May, afternoon - with distant traffic and birdsong, 1980
Country garden, March - with birdsong and some distant traffic, 1978 (1B11 F)
Devon hedgerow, early morning - birdsong, occasional sheep, quiet stream, 1973
Devon hedgerow, dawn - stream, birdsong, occasional sheep, 1973
Woodland, March, early morning - birdsong, raindrops on leaves, some distant traffic, 1978
Woodland, dusk wind in trees, birdsong, distant light aircraft, bee buzzing, 1972
Woodland, daytime - with birdsong, 1972
Woodland, daytime - blustery wind in trees, birdsong, creaking tree, 1972
Cattle, cows mooing in yard with some birdsong, loud moo (close perspective), others move round yard
Daytime city traffic background with pauses in traffic and birdsong
Country scene - sheep and lambs with birdsong and stream in meadow - 1973
Mixed outdoor crowd at fete, with children and adults - distant birdsong and traffic - 1975
Expectant crowd background with birdsong, footsteps on pavement and speech - 1977
Large expectant crowd with birdsong - wide perspective - 1977
Exterior, 3 bells rung at random in Pre-Reformation style, with birdsong
Exterior, single bell telling, with distant traffic and birdsong
Exterior, peal of 8 bells, ringing ends, with birdsong
Exterior, 1 bell rung, with birdsong
Exterior, 7 bells poorly rung, ringing ends, with birdsong and occasional traffic
St. Mary-Le-Bow, exterior, Stedman Cinques finish, with traffic and birdsong - July 1976
St. Mary-Le-Bow, exterior start, incomplete Stedman Cinques rung, with heavy traffic and birdsong - July 1976
exterior - attempts to start with very flat battery; birdsong in background
City park, Asuncion, Paraguay with heavy traffic, footsteps, speech and some birdsong
Church bells, Tarata, various different bells, also birdsong and distant car horns and traffic
Town square, Tarata, small town in central Bolivia, with prominent birdsong, footsteps,indistinct speech and some traffic
Morning birdsong by pond,Pantanal Swamp (central Brazil) with rufus hornero,night jar and great kiskadee
Neutral early morning atmos.with birdsong (Brazil) with night jar and lapwing
Evening birdsong, Pantanal Swamp (central Brazil) with ibis,great kiskadee,toco toucan and parakeet,wind in trees
Spain: One horse exercised in outdoor riding school, with lots of birdsong, subdued chatter, children playing in distance & distant traffic.
Spain: Countryside atmosphere, with birdsong & some wind noise in trees
Ethiopia: Pawi, muted chatter (Amharic), with birdsong & a creaking chair
Golf, three putting shots, second & third into hole, with some birdsong
Large Alsatian barking, with some birdsong. (Dog interior, microphone exterior.)
One Dog, exterior, eating bones, with some birdsong. (Close perspective recording.)
Labrador/Collie crosses, exterior, two dogs fighting & playing, one runs off barking in distance, with some birdsong
Border Collies & Labradors, exterior, playing & fighting, with some early morning birdsong
One dog, exterior, barking with lots of birdsong
Border Collies, exterior, about 10 months old, running around playing & barking, with some early morning birdsong
Collie/Labrador crosses, exterior, barking, with birdsong in background & some wind in trees
One unshod horse trots through puddles, with some birdsong
One unshod horse walks through puddles, with some birdsong