Bottle - 30 sound effects

Milk bottles breaking - 1968
Glass bottles tipped onto floor - 1967
Cicada and trash - lone cicada sings as bags of cans and bottles are thrown away. Urban atmosphere; recorded Sydney, Australia
Barman activity, putting bottles onto shelves, setting out bar, collecting glasses
Barman setting out bar, background traffic
Barman putting bottles onto shelves, close perspective
Barman up from cellar carrying box of bottles (ends abruptly)
Small Farm Diary Unit, interior, glass milk bottles filled by hand-operated machine, four filled at once, plastic crates stacked, with distant indistinct voices
Small Farm Diary Unit, interior, plastic milk bottles labelled & filled, plastic crates stacked
Ship launch - bottle breaks, men hammer away at props, cheers as boat begins to move, hits water at 1'43, three cheers given, general atmosphere - 1985
Four week old kitten, mewing and drinking milk from bottle
Bag of bottles break
Milk Bottling Plant, bottle filling, bottles filled & capped
Milk Bottling Plant, bottle cleaning with empty bottles cleaned & moved on
Horse-drawn Milk Float approaches & stops, with bottles clinking.
Glassworks, colour printing machine operating with the sound of bottles
Glassworks, bottles being hand inspected on a conveyor belt with some chatter
Glassworks, molten glass poured into moulds
Glassworks, manufacturing glass bottles, furnace & casting
Glassworks, cutting a glass sheet with some talking in background
Glassworks, processing plant operating, cutting & returning broken glass
Glassworks, furnace operating
Glassworks, sieving fine sand
Glassworks, sandmix being loaded & transported to furnace
Motor Van: Windscreen Wipers, manual wash bottle, interior, (Ford Anglia 105E, 1963 model, 997cc)
Hospital pharmcy, atmosphere with mixing of liquids, clinking of crockery & bottles & some indistinct speech
Trailer loaded with empty bottles using a fork lift truck
Milk carrier arrives at dairy, full bottles unloaded using fork lift trucks
Bottle filling machine starts and operates, bell sounds, machine fades at end
Bottle washing machine starts, operates and fades at end