Car - 983 sound effects

Buffing sheet metal parts
Scurfing sheet metal parts
750-ton press stamping out metal parts
High-pressure air pipes singing
Atmosphere in high-pressure spray plant
Spot welding of car bodies
Tightening nuts mechanically
Body building shop atmosphere
General atmosphere in motor car works
Cars passing on open road - tranquil cicadas and distant birds disturbed by occasional cars passing at speed
Quiet back street, Auckland - distant cars revving and accelerating, hum of air conditioning, sparrows, rustle of wind-blown paper
Queen Street, Auckland - cars and buses passing and waiting at busy crossroads, distant myna birds, laughter, conversation and pedestrian crossing signals
Bellbirds on farm land - recorded at Kurrajong Heights in the Blue Mountains region, Australia (some cars and chain-saw audible in background)
Bangkok Rush Hour Atmosphere, with motor cycles, cars, buses & Skytrain system. (Recorded in centre of city.)
Bangkok suburban nightime skyline, with insects, distant scooters, cars & dogs
Exterior - Dacia (Romania's national car) drive, door open, shut, engine starts, fast drive on dry street, car stop and engine switched off
Exterior - Dacia (Romania's national car) in the rain, starts, police whistles and heavy traffic. Interior - engine start and drive on wet streets in heavy traffic - exterior - car drives away
Exterior - quiet cobbled side street off busy main road, wet weather, cars passing on cobbles
Car ramp
Six car skids - 1971 (84E)
Car skid - 1971 (84E)
Car approach & skid - 1971 (84E)
1-3 Car 1971 (84E) 7", 3", 4"
1-3 Car 1971 (84E) 5", 6", 6"
Car skid, crash -1967 (84D)
Car skid, crash - 1967 (84D)
Car skid, crash - 1967 (84D)
Car skid, crash - 1967 (84D)
Car skid, crash - 1967. (84D)
Car approach, skid, crash - 1967
Car skid, crash (twice) - 1967 (84D)
Car approach with horn - 1967 (84D)
Car alarm - set off alarm & reset
Car alarm-setting alarm
Renault 5 - car horn
Citroen BX - high engine revving
Garage - tyre repairs
Petrol station
High Street atmosphere
Motorway traffic - close
Bus station - interior
Double decker bus - interior
Volkswagon Golf GL - motorway
Volkswagon Golf GL - keys, start up, belt up, city drive
Citroen 2CV - approach
Citroen 2CV - pass right to left
Citroen 2CV - pass left to right
Citroen 2CV - close door, start up, drive off
Citroen 2CV - lower top, start up, drive off
Citroen 2CV - drive with top down
Citroen 2CV - countryside
Citroen 2CV - motorway
Citroen 2CV - start, inner city drive
BMW 320i convertible - raising soft top
BMW 320i convertible - car horn, once, twice, long
BMW 320i convertible - close door and lock
BMW 320i convertible - start up, drive off
BMW 320i convertible - drive with top down
BMW 320i convertible - countryside
BMW 320i convertible - motorway