Covent Garden - 27 sound effects

Boxes on roller conveyor belt, Covent Garden
Dedicated hall seller in foreground, Covent Garden
Trolleys passing, Covent Garden
Dedicated hall atmosphere, Covent Garden
Fruit and veg hall, voices and trolleys. Covent Garden
Lorries arriving, voices and movement, Covent Garden
Covent Garden Market, London - lorries arriving, voices and movement
Boxes on a roller conveyor belt moving from L-R, with occasional speech
Trolleys passing, Covent Garden market - 1973
Covent Garden market, atmosphere in Dedicated Hall - 1973
Covent Garden market, atmosphere in Dedicated Hall with seller in foreground - 1973
Covent Garden market, atmosphere in fruit and vegetable hall, unloading, quiet voices and trolleys - 1973
Crowds in Covent Garden Piazza on a busy saturday afternoon, busker's music occassionally discernable in distance
Covent Garden, interior atmosphere busy market hall atmosphere with footsteps and voices
Covent Garden Market, horses & carts
Covent Garden Market, general atmosphere
Covent Garden Market, trolley passing
Covent Garden Market: Roller Conveyor Belt moving from left to right, boxes on it, occasional speech.
Covent Garden Market: Atmosphere, dedicated hall, seller in foreground
Covent Garden Market: Trolleys Passing
Covent Garden Market: Atmosphere, dedicated hall
Covent Garden Market: Unloading, quiet voices, trolleys in fruit and vegetable hall
Covent Garden Market: Lorries arriving, voices, movement
Sound of lorries parking and unloading, with speech and occasional footsteps. (Covent Garden)
General atmosphere with trolleys. (Covent Garden)
Flower hall atmosphere. (Covent Garden)
Early morning atmosphere with porters and trolleys. (Covent Garden)