Crowd - 717 sound effects

Public address announcement and crowd reaction at a wrestling match
Tag match: PA annct with crowd reaction, bell; bout begins
Animated crowd reaction at a wrestling match
Rowdy crowd at boxing match with occasional booing
Crowds and manual cash registers - Woolworths - 1975
Small crowd gasps - 1969
Crowd panics - 1968
Crowd panic and rush for exits - 1967
American chatter; large mixed crowd in dining hall of US Air Force base
American chatter; medium-sized crowd in dining hall of US Air Force base
Tag match - PA announcement with crowd reaction, bell, bout begins
Animated crowd reaction
PA announcement. & crowd reaction
Rowdy crowd with booing, etc.
Crowd assembling
Big top crowd atmosphere, mainly indistinct speech with generator in background - Nov '1979
Crowd atmosphere with steam roundabouts and indistinct music from steam organ - Aug '1966
Crowd atmosphere with indistinct band in background - Jan '1980
Crowded street (New Orleans)
Thai Boxing Match, interior, large crowd watching whole round of boxing. (Recorded at the Lumpini Stadium, Bangkok.)
Exterior - metro train ride, train arrives and stops, boarded, doors close, interior - not crowded some voices; travel two station stops - exterior - exit onto quiet platform
Interior - crowded hall/foyer atmosphere (rec. Bucharest), unintelligible continuous conversation in large live accoustic
Mixed crowd in a busy tea tent - June '1980
Atmosphere in a crowded tea marquee - 1981
Crowd in hamburger fast food store - 1982
Church atmosphere at Stratford-on-Avon with crowd - 1972
Buckfast Abbey, Devon, subdued crowd in abbey - 1982
Westminster Abbey, London, crowd atmosphere with voices and footsteps - 1972
Crowd arrives for meeting in hall - 1981
Crowd atmosphere in an exhibition hall - 1974
Crowds in a large entrance hall, with turnstiles at close perspective - 1983
Crowds in large entrance hall with turnstiles - 1983
Teenagers stamping, booing and whistling crowd in a stadium - May '1966
Wimbledon 1997 - Spectators leaving, crowd atmosphere
Wimbledon 1997 - Outdoor Bar - crowds, distant commentary (recorded on the tea lawn)
Wimbledon 1997 - The Large Screen - crowds watching Court One, some chatter
Wimbledon 1997 - Gate 3 - crowd let in & searched - taxis arriving
Mixed crowd in hotel foyer - 1982 (1C28)
Small Lap crowd herding reindeer
Crowds on Nyhavn Wharf, Copenhagen
Small town market square - footsteps, voices, street sweeping, traffic
Crowd shouting, screaming, laughing - close perspective - 1972
Angry, jeering crowd - close perspective crowd with horse-drawn vehicle - 1972
Group of boys assembling, with speech, laughter and footsteps on gravel - 1968
Group of 16-19 year old boys talking, occasional laughter - 1968
Group of 16-19 year old boys talking, occasional pauses, and footsteps on gravel - 1968
Mixed chatter and footsteps on gravel, animated ,1966
Mixed chatter and footsteps on gravel - 1966
Mixed cheerful chatter and laughter - 1966
Mixed general chatter - close perspective - 1966
Crowd with children at London Zoo, with sea lions at feeding time - 1974
Mixed crowd with children at London Zoo (no animal sounds) - 1974 (2C3)
Mixed outdoor crowd at fete, with children and adults - distant birdsong and traffic - 1975
Crowds in Paternoster Square, London, with footsteps and speech - 1972
Large moving crowd with footsteps and voices - 1982
Expectant crowd background with birdsong, footsteps on pavement and speech - 1977
Large expectant crowd with birdsong - wide perspective - 1977
Large restless crowd builds up - occasional vendors shouting wares
Close good natured crowd at public demonstration - occasional distant PA - 1982
Atmosphere before ships launch, close perspective - occas. hammering in background - 1985 (3S23)