Door - 997 sound effects

Bell, end of round, quiet speech at a wrestling match
Applause for throw at a wrestling match
Shouts of encouragement at a wrestling match
Announcement, bell, wrestling bout begins
Public address announcement and crowd reaction at a wrestling match
General atmosphere with spectators arriving before a wrestling match
Tag match: PA annct with crowd reaction, bell; bout begins
Laughter and applause after throw at a wrestling match
Animated crowd reaction at a wrestling match
Good throw and applause, bell into PA and chatter
Quiet atmosphere in a bank, traffic noise increases when door opens - 1981
Atmosphere in a large indoor shopping arcade - 1974
Squeaky feet, door open and close with squeak - 1968
Strolling through ovens, oven door open and close - 1968
One pair of feet approach to door, door open and close, feet depart - 1968
Cod indoor fight - 1967
Breaking down door - 1968
Knocking with doors opening and closing - 1968
Boys playing in outdoor swimming pool with younger mixed children also audible - 1981
Exterior - doors, tickover, guards whistle, departs, multiple unit diesel train
Street car - doors close, interior run, alight (New Orleans)
Apartment entry phone (ends with exterior door closing)
Hospital Lift, doors open, journey, stops at six floors (lift doors close, lift doors jammed open)
Interior - small apartment block lift, arrival of lift, doors open, travel five floors (rec. in Bucharest)
Exterior - metro train ride, train arrives and stops, boarded, doors close, interior - not crowded some voices; travel two station stops - exterior - exit onto quiet platform
Interior - metro station platform with trains, train arrives and stops. PA announcement warning of doors closing at 0'48", train departs
Exterior - market atmosphere, morning, busy with mid-distance talking, movement at outdoor general street market
Exterior - slow trolleybus approach & stop, doors open, bus boarded, doors close. Interior - trolleybus moves off in heavy traffic. Exterior - doors close trolleybus departs
Trolleybus pneumatic doors close
Trolleybus pneumatic doors open
Exterior - trolleybus arrives and departs, with doors open and close
Exterior - Dacia (Romania's national car) drive, door open, shut, engine starts, fast drive on dry street, car stop and engine switched off
Hooter - yard shuts down and ends with sliding doors
Outdoor alarm signal (Fawley 1961)
3-6 year-olds playing indoors - 1975
Large hallway, with footsteps and occasional doors - 1984
Funicular railway, internal ride, chat (Czech), doors shut, starts, constant run with rumble and more chat, doors open, people get out
Funicular railway, external, Prague, approaches, stops, doors open and close, departs
Citroen 2CV - close door, start up, drive off
BMW 320i convertible - close door and lock
Wimbledon 1997 - Tea room, indoors with waiters
Wimbledon 1997 - Outdoor Bar - crowds, distant commentary (recorded on the tea lawn)
Milking Parlour, interior, door opens & cow enters parlour (live acoustic), calf scampers in behind, cow chained up, plastic bucket put on floor
Metro, internal, constant run (Deli Palyaudvar to Batthyany Ter with stops and starts with PA announcements and door noise, some muted speech
Tram, internal, Budapest, constant run with stops and starts, doors opening and closing, some quiet speech
Doors close, Eurostar departs (train departs 0.56")
Second class compartment before departure (announcements at 0'40", door close signal at 2'14")
Mixed outdoor crowd at fete, with children and adults - distant birdsong and traffic - 1975
Large restless crowd builds up - occasional vendors shouting wares
Angelus, with outdoor atmosphere - 1966
Heavy front door opens, exterior sounds, door closes (heard outside)
Front door opens, person enters, door closes
Key in lock, door opens and closes (reverberent corridor)
Outdoor rock concert - Cheer, chants, hooters and whistling
Outdoor rock concert - Derisory cries, whistles and cheers
Outdoor rock concert - cheers, applause and calls of 'more'
Outdoor classical concert - Applause at end of concert and audience dispersing
Outdoor classical concert - Applause, cheers and whistles after item and audience dispersing
Outdoor classical concert - Applause after movement
Outdoor classical concert - crowd presence before performance (2 bursts of applause for performers)