Electricity - 91 sound effects

An electric centrifugal pump operating with start and stop. (Sewage pump)
Building site - Manly, Australia. Large site as heard from above with natural reverberation, hammering, electric saws, drilling, metal sheeting and wood dropped, very distant background surf and some myna birds
Old gear-driven electric pug mill engine - constant run
Portable electric alarm clock
General purpose electrical radiation
Electrically operated reefer curtain (heard from audience)
Pumped-storage power generation (Dinorwic Hydro- Electric Station) Control room
Pumped-storage power generation (Dinorwic Hydro - Electric Station) Machine hall
Water Mill, electric wheat cracking machine
Electric grinder, freewheels
Electric jigsaw, small piece of wood
Electric hoist assembled, with metal clattering noise
Rolls Royce Silver Spirit, interior, electrical window open & close. (6.75 litres, 1986 model.)
Electric Circular Saw operating
Electric Jigsaw operating
Stainless Steel Making, electric arc-welding shop
General purpose electrical radiation
Television sound interference caused by car revving engine
Television sound interference caused by stationary car
Television sound interference caused by vacuum cleaner
Heavy line noise on Transatlantic circuit
Electronic interference
Radio interference
Keyed Teleprinter radio signal
Double Current Cable Code audio signal
Morse Undualtor recoding
Creed Machine operating (100 wpm.)
Morse Code background interference
High Speed Morse (65 wpm.)
Wimshurst Machine operating
Radio Interference. (Radiation)
Amplifier Noise
Amplifier Crackles
Geiger Counter operating
Simulated Lightning. (Spot Effect.)
Simulated Lightning. (Spot Effect.)
Simulated Lightning. (Spot Effect.)
Simulated Lightning. (Spot Effect.)
Simulated Lightning. (Spot Effect.)
Acetylene torch burns
Acetylene torch lights & ends
Ignition & petrol fire
Fire extinguished with a dry powder extinguisher (four bursts)
Fire extinguished by a carbon dioxide extinguisher
Sound of acid blobs
General purpose crackle
Water hose & fire
Fire extinguished by fire extinguisher
Fire extinguished by fire extinguisher
Hyde Tram, stop with electric brakes
Tram, approach at speed & stop with electric brakes
Service Station, electric impulse wrench operating on wheel nuts
Hand-operated 2-ton Electric Hoist
Old-type Electric Crane operating
Electric Hand-Reading Machine in operation
Household: Electric fridge motor
Household: Food Mixer, large, electric.
Household: Light Switch, cord pull, electric operated
Household: Light Switch, wall mounted, electric operated
Printing Newspapers Foundry: Forge with electric bellows pump.