Gasworks - 53 sound effects

General interior atmosphere on rig (some voices). 1970
Mud filter. 1970
Drilling floor. 1970
Rig background. 1970
Pipe-laying machinery. 1970
Trench excavator working. 1970
Pipes rotating on rollers. 1970
Shop floor crane lifting finished pipes. 1970
Final coating. 1970
Shot blasting. 1970
Coating interior of pipes. 1970
Paintshop - coating pipes. 1970
Box purifier. 1971
Steam hammer. 1971
Exhauster. 1971
Loading coke on to lorries. 1971
Fan booster switched off
Retort house. 1971
Retort house. 1971
Coke grader. 1971
Crane moving on caterpillar tracks. 1971
Cranes re-piling coke. 1971
2 lorries crossing weighbridge. 1971
Shunting empty trucks. 1971
Conveying coke to hoppers. 1971
Filling sacks with coke. 1971
Boiler alarm blowing off. 1971
Cleaning a producer fire. 1971
Filling retort with coal from hoppers. 1971
Governor house (later) - machinery starts up. 1971
Governor house (early morning) - general atmosphere. 1971
Gasworks, box purifier operating
Gasworks, steam hammer operating
Gasworks, general yard background atmosphere
Gasworks, exhauster operating
Gasworks, loading coke on to lorries
Gasworks, fan booster being switched off
Gasworks, retort house operating
Gasworks, retort house operating
Gasworks, coke grader operating
Gasworks, crane moving on caterpillar tracks
Gasworks, cranes re-piling coke
Gasworks, two lorries crossing weighbridge
Gasworks, vertical retort house discharging coke from bottom stage hopper on to belt conveyor
Gasworks, shunting empty trucks
Gasworks, conveying coke to hoppers
Gasworks, filling sacks with coke
Gasworks, boiler alarm blowing off
Gasworks, cleaning a producer fire
Gasworks, retort nodding to keep coal running evenly
Gasworks, filling retort with coal from top hoppers
Gasworks, Governor House, general atmosphere in late morning, machinery starts up
Gasworks, Governor House, general atmosphere in early morning