Istanbul - 18 sound effects

Istanbul, ferry starts into constant run, exterior acoustic with occasional ship's siren, arrives Uskudar, ramps lowered
Istanbul, ferry boarded, Galata Bridge to Uskudar, voices and clattering boarding ramps
Istanbul, shoreside atmosphere, with lapping water, passing boats, distant voices and traffic skyline
Istanbul, cafe atmosphere, with voices, cups rattled, and backgammon game played
Istanbul, Sultan Ahmet Camii blue mosque, interior acoustic with many tourists and guides in English, some distinct speech,
Istanbul, Hagia Sophia church, interior acoustic with heavy reverb
Istanbul, covered bazaar, indoor acoustic with general activity, clinking crockery, and voices
Istanbul, atmosphere outside university, with peanut sellers, flapping pigeon wings, footsteps and old man singing
Istanbul, child streetseller, with voices, footsteps, and distant music
Istanbul, quayside at Kadikoy, with fish sellers, gypsies, shoe shine boys, and seagulls
Istanbul, spice market, with footsteps and voices
Istanbul, Kadikoy market, with vegetable and meat sellers, fish merchants, and restaurant callers
Istanbul, street music, with passing traffic and voices
Istanbul, idestreet, with streetsellers, distant traffic and road sweeping by hand
Istanbul, sidestreet, occasional traffic on wet road, shutters closed, footsteps and voices
Istanbul, street atmosphere, with voices, footsteps, and some traffic
Istanbul, traffic at busy road junction, no voices
Istanbul, skyline atmosphere, with call to prayer, dog barking, children and traffic