Leisure - 40 sound effects

Ball, kicked once
Rugby, county match with large crowd, scrums at 3m38s & 4m13s
Cricket, village match with spectators' speech, "Good shot Barry" at 0m20s, call between batsmen at 0s42m. (For use at low level.)
Horse Racing, horses pass (with speech in background)
Skiing, cross country
Skiing, downhill
Swimming, almost empty indoor pool, one person passes
Diving, sub aqua as heard by the diver
Swimming, atmosphere in crowded indoor pool
Motor Racing, saloon cars passing
Motor Racing, saloon cars cornering
Motor Racing, Formula Two start line
Gambling chip sorting machine
Roulette, wheel spinning with small ball
Roulette, wheel spinning with large ball
Croquet, ball hit three times (third hit a croquet)
Darts, three thrown at board
Ice Skating, one person circling close, others in the distance on indoor rink. (For use at low level.)
Ice Skating on indoor rink. (For use at low level.)
Fencing practice
Ladies' Bowls, indoor meeting with speech
Badminton, amateurs playing indoors
Weight Training, group of weight trainers with speech
Exercise bike, hydraulic, with heavy breathing & "time's up" bell at 0m42s
Exercise bike, with pad brake
Multigym, two people working out
Trampolining, competition sequence, warm up & 10 display jumps
Trampolining (using a competition mat)
Trampolining (using mat often found in schools)
Table Tennis, amateurs playing
Snooker, one shot played
Snooker, amateur players, chalk used at 2m27s, rest used at 4m26s
Squash, game recorded from gallery with occasional speech
Squash, one person on court
Golf, three putting shots, second & third into hole, with some birdsong
Golf, three bunker shots
Golf, five driving shots
Golf, seven iron shots (seventh misses ball)
Golf, three chip shots
Football, teenagers playing a game