Radio - 39 sound effects

Background static to echoes from the moon
Heavy line noise on transatlantic circuit. (Static)
Static. (Continuous background)
Tuning a communications receiver on the medium-wave band
VHF receiver with aerial disconnected. (Unintelligible speech and heavy distortion)
Tuning VHF receiver
Severe mains hum and static
Radio interference from electric fence
Tuning small medium-wave receiver
Tuning communications receiver - medium wave band
VHF receiver with aerial disconnected. Speech, heavily distorted
Severe mains hum & static
Bar, Abaliget (village in southern Hungary) with animated chat (including children) radio, clinks, some exterior traffic noise
Slow tuning across 9 Mhz, with static and heavy interference
Quick tuning across 49 metre band
Slow tuning across 31 metre band (Short Wave Communications Receiver)
Cafe, Asuncion, with distinct speech, radio, clinks etc. some traffic outside
Cafe, La Paz, with muted speech, clinks, expresso machine, radio and distant traffic
Bus terminal, La Paz, exterior with traffic, cries from bus conductors, footsteps, bus horns and occasional distant radio
Greece: Fruit market, bustle & chat, also distant radio & traffic, some children, till noise & telephone
5.6mm gas operated rifle, platoon fires 200 rounds on automatic radio. (Distant perspective.)
Television sound interference caused by car revving engine
Television sound interference caused by stationary car
Television sound interference caused by vacuum cleaner
Heavy line noise on Transatlantic circuit
Electronic interference
Radio interference
Keyed Teleprinter radio signal
Double Current Cable Code audio signal
Morse Undualtor recoding
Creed Machine operating (100 wpm.)
Morse Code background interference
High Speed Morse (65 wpm.)
Short Wave radio interference
Short Wave radio interference
Post Office radio link operating
Ferry: Cross-Channel, 'Dover', bridge, radio, telephone, voices
Belgium: Cafe, interior, indistinct radio in background
Oil Rigs: Fortes Oilfield offshore rig. Atmosphere in radio room, fax receiver