Restaurant - 86 sound effects

General atmosphere in canteen kitchen
Kitchen of London Council home
Kitchen of busy Chinese restaurant, London
Kitchen of busy French restaurant, London
American chatter; large mixed crowd in dining hall of US Air Force base
American chatter; medium-sized crowd in dining hall of US Air Force base
Large restaurant Holland
British Museum - atmosphere in tea room
Fish and chip shop
Cheap restaurant - very quiet
Cheap restaurant - quiet conversation and chatter
Noisy French restaurant, London
Restaurant - lunch/dinner time
Restaurant - tea/coffee time
Restaurant (Folkston, Georgia)
Restaurant Kitchen atmosphere, with cooks chatting, food prepartion & cooking sounds, extractor fan & parking attendant blowing whistle outside
Seafood Restaurant, interior, chatter & cutlery sounds
Mixed crowd in a busy tea tent - June '1980
Atmosphere in a crowded tea marquee - 1981
Busy atmosphere in a tea room, children & adults
Snack bar - busy atmosphere, mainly women and children - 1982
Atmosphere in a fairly busy large canteen - 1972
Atmosphere in large cafeteria in London Zoo, with children's voices - 1974
Expresso coffee machine, person preparing coffee, close perspective
Large busy cafe atmosphere with chatter and clatter of plates, occasional cattle mooing in background 1982
Quiet transport cafe with occasional speech and chatter - 1981
Crowd in hamburger fast food store - 1982
Buffet at London Airport, quiet with distinct PA announcements from 1'13" - 1973
Buffet at London Airport, fairly busy - 1973
Quiet atmosphere in a small restaurant
Restaurant - mixed busy chatter with distant crockery sounds - 1974
Open-air restaurant, Bratislava
Stara Sladovna" restaurant, very large restaurant in Bratislava, lunchtime, with noisy speech, clinks and general hubbub
Restaurant, Prague, fairly busy, with distinct speech (Czech) and clinks
Restaurant - exterior atmosphere - dinner in quiet surroundings, some English spoken occasionally
Restaurant - exterior atmosphere - lunchtime, some passing traffic
Restaurant - interior atmosphere
Wimbledon 1997 - Wingfield restaurant, chatter, air conditioning
Wimbledon 1997 - Food Court atmosphere. (covered area with concrete floor)
Germany - Patisserie
Germany - Resturant
Outside hamburger restaurant
Restaurant, Copenhagen
Fish & chip shop
Large restaurant - 100 people
Small restaurant - 10 people
Large restaurant kitchen
Small restaurant kitchen
Benjamin's falafal restaurant, Alexandria
Restaurant - Stockholm - quiet with a few children
Restaurant - Ostersund - mainly female diners
Hamburger fast food restaurant, busy lunchtime atmosphere
Busy Restaurant, international chatter, crockery, cutlery and waiters' passing footsteps
Small Restaurant, atmosphere in moderately busy London West End Italian restaurant (slight vent hum.)
Quiet Restaurant, subdued conversation in small restaurant (indistinct speech.)
Istanbul, Kadikoy market, with vegetable and meat sellers, fish merchants, and restaurant callers
New Orleans: Soul Food restaurant atmosphere
Philadelphia: Lunchtime atmosphere in delicatessen restaurant
International conversation in small restaurant, slight vent noise
Street restaurant, Venice - exterior, busy with chat, footsteps, sounds of tables being moved and clinks