Skyline - 23 sound effects

Harbour skyline, Sydney cove - overlooking Circular quay, The Rocks and Sydney Harbour Bridge, water lapping againt jetty, ferry horns, distant trains arriving and leaving (evening)
Bangkok suburban nightime skyline, with insects, distant scooters, cars & dogs
Dawn skyline atmosphere, birdsong including crows, distant traffic, barking dogs (rec. in yard enclosed by apartment blocks in Bucharest city centre)
Open city skyline - specially created
New York traffic skyline at night
Winter day with house sparrow, starling and blackbird, distant traffic skyline
Early morning suburban birds with mid distant passing cars and heavy traffic skyline
Istanbul, shoreside atmosphere, with lapping water, passing boats, distant voices and traffic skyline
Istanbul, skyline atmosphere, with call to prayer, dog barking, children and traffic
Hong Kong: Harbour skyline, evening
Night atmosphere, open rural skyline, occasional gust of wind and rustle of leaves
Daytime, open rural skyline, occasional gust of wind and rustle of leaves
Busy city skyline with brake squeals
Open skyline
Wide perspective skyline
Busy city skyline
City Skyline
Traffic: A busy city skyline. (Technical note, for use at low level)
Skyline: Open, (specially created background ambience)
Skyline: Wide Perspective, (specially created background ambience)
Provincial town atmosphere, wide perspective rumble of traffic. (Suitable for skyline effect e.g. background ambience)
Pushkar skyline. (Recorded at Dawn.)
Madurai city skyline