Sport - 190 sound effects

Applause and whistles
Announcement for retirement, applause
Medium applause into atmosphere at a boxing match
Seconds out announcement, round five, bell, atmosphere into next round
End of round, bell and applause
Rowdy crowd at boxing match with occasional booing
Last round of a big fight
Arrow landing - 1972
Flight of arrows - 1972
Tag match - PA announcement with crowd reaction, bell, bout begins
Laughter & applause after throw
Animated crowd reaction
Good throw & applause - bell into PA & chatter
Bell - end of round, into quiet chatter
Applause for throw
Shouts of encouragement
Announcement - bell, bout begins
PA announcement. & crowd reaction
General atmosphere - spectators arriving
Applause & whistles
Announcement for retirement - applause
Medium applause into atmosphere
Announcement - seconds out, round 5, bell, into round
End of round, bell & applause
Rowdy crowd with booing, etc.
Last round of big fight
Announcement into 1st round - bell at end of round into atmosphere, seconds out, bell, into 2nd round - fairly quiet contest
General atmosphere before contest
Practising with punch bell - distant conversation
2 heavy weights in gymnasium - bell at end
1 round of hard boxing - no audience
3rd round - enthusiastic, starts with bell
1st round - fairly quiet, starts with bell
Crowd assembling
Thai Boxing Match, interior, large crowd watching whole round of boxing. (Recorded at the Lumpini Stadium, Bangkok.)
Game of darts in quiet Fenland pub - June '1980
Wimbledon 1997 - Wimbledon shop, general atmosphere
Wimbledon 1997 - atmosphere outside Court Eighteen, men's singles
Wimbledon 1997 - atmosphere Centre Court, men's singles
Wimbledon 1997 - atmosphere Court One, men's singles
Wimbledon - Ticket office - spectators buying tickets
Crowd entering ground, Middlesex V Gloucester
People in stand before match, Middlesex V Gloucester
Rugby footbal, Twickenham
Walking uphill in skis
Ball, kicked once
Rugby, county match with large crowd, scrums at 3m38s & 4m13s
Cricket, village match with spectators' speech, "Good shot Barry" at 0m20s, call between batsmen at 0s42m. (For use at low level.)
Horse Racing, horses pass (with speech in background)
Skiing, cross country
Skiing, downhill
Swimming, almost empty indoor pool, one person passes
Diving, sub aqua as heard by the diver
Swimming, atmosphere in crowded indoor pool
Motor Racing, saloon cars passing
Motor Racing, saloon cars cornering
Motor Racing, Formula Two start line
Gambling chip sorting machine
Roulette, wheel spinning with small ball