Street - 167 sound effects

Street scene, Christchurch - outside arts centre (afternoon), horse-drawn carriage passes, tram approaches, stops, then departs with honks, clanks and hiss of steam
Quiet back street, Auckland - distant cars revving and accelerating, hum of air conditioning, sparrows, rustle of wind-blown paper
Queen Street, Auckland - cars and buses passing and waiting at busy crossroads, distant myna birds, laughter, conversation and pedestrian crossing signals
Busy street scene, Wellington - traffic footsteps, rattle of overhead wires and pantographs as electric buses pass, pedestrian crossings
Street scene, outside Circular Quay - buses stopping with air brakes, taxi rank, occasional passing traffic
Street car - doors close, interior run, alight (New Orleans)
Crowded street (New Orleans)
Noisy street with youths chanting & calling
Quiet side street (New Orleans)
Berwick Street market, recorded walking along, distinct voices
Selling toys, Portobello Road street market
Selling glass cutting tools, Portobello Road street market
Singing beggar, Portobello Road street market
Selling daffodils, Portobello Road street market
Selling tights, Portobello Road street market
Selling tomatoes, Portobello Road street market
Exterior - market atmosphere, morning, busy with mid-distance talking, movement at outdoor general street market
Exterior - Dacia (Romania's national car) drive, door open, shut, engine starts, fast drive on dry street, car stop and engine switched off
Exterior - Dacia (Romania's national car) in the rain, starts, police whistles and heavy traffic. Interior - engine start and drive on wet streets in heavy traffic - exterior - car drives away
Exterior - quiet cobbled side street off busy main road, wet weather, cars passing on cobbles
Pedestrian street, Bratislava, footsteps on cobbles, speech (Slovak), no traffic
Street, Bratislava, traffic (including heavy trams), footsteps, some distinct speech (Slovak)
High Street atmosphere
Refuse lorry collecting rubbish in quiet street - recorded in cab of lorry
Refuse lorry collecting rubbish in quiet street - recorded from back of lorry as rubbish is thrown in
Refuse lorry collecting rubbish in quiet street
6 children playing in a London street, distant traffic and birds - November 1970
Traffic on wet city street with dripping water - 1981
Traffic on wet city street
London, West End, side street - 1972
Small town market square - footsteps, voices, street sweeping, traffic
Small country town, high street
Small town, main street - few footsteps
In a city street
Children playing in London street - car doors, traffic
London street market - 1976
Berwick Street Market, London - atmosphere with speech, coins and footsteps - 1981
Berwick Street Market, London - with footsteps, chatter, coins and tills - 1972
Girls screaming in street, with traffic and horns - 1966 (63C, processed)
Girls screaming in street, with much movement
Quiet street corner (Swakopmund) - traffic, children, pedestrians and distant ocean surf
Windhoek (capital city) - street with traffic and pedestrians
Bicycle passes with bell ringing in a side street in Alexandria, Egypt
Melon seller passes in street, Alexandria
Quiet side street, Alexandria
Pedestrian street in Gamla Stan - Stockholm
Cobbled street - with trams, traffic and 3'42 pedestrians - Oslo
Khatmandu: Street market atmosphere, with temple bells, car horns, chatter with children
Khatmandu: Busy street , with heavy traffic (rickshaws, cars, etc.), some distinct speech
Calcutta: City street with traffic (rickshaws, buses, cars, etc.), footsteps, bells, some distinct speech
Street, Cliza, on market day with cries from hawkers, footsteps and bells and chanting from blind fortune tellers, no traffic
Street, La Paz, with heavy traf_c, horns, bells and footsteps
Street,Zipaquira (village near Bogota in central Colombia) with traffic (occasionally heavy) ,footsteps,speech and roadworks noise
Street vegetable market, busy with footsteps, chatter and vendors calling
Pedestrianised high street, with passing footsteps, chatter and children
High street, moderately busy with passing footsteps and occasional close voices
Istanbul, child streetseller, with voices, footsteps, and distant music
Istanbul, street music, with passing traffic and voices
Istanbul, idestreet, with streetsellers, distant traffic and road sweeping by hand
Istanbul, sidestreet, occasional traffic on wet road, shutters closed, footsteps and voices