Tableware - 27 sound effects

Shopping mall cafe, Auckland - distant clatter of crockery and cutlery with lively conversation in eating area surrounded by food counters
In dining room at lunchtime, busy atmosphere with speech and crockery clatter - 1979
Laying heavy crockery on wooden (period) table
Washing up crockery & cutlery
Restaurant - mixed busy chatter with distant crockery sounds - 1974
Piece of crockery broken (5C2)
Busy Restaurant, international chatter, crockery, cutlery and waiters' passing footsteps
Istanbul, covered bazaar, indoor acoustic with general activity, clinking crockery, and voices
Greece: Cafe atmosphere, with heavy traffic, chat & crockery clinks, also vendor van. (Could be used as a general town atmosphere.)
Self-Service Restaurant atmosphere, with voices, crockery, cutlery, footsteps & dishes being cleared
Public House: Mixed chatter, distant crockery sounds
Pottery Factory: Dipping in glaze, flatware machine in background
Pottery Factory: Semi-automatic flatware machine
Crash: Piece of crockery broken
Girls' Grammar School, atmosphere in dining hall, with indistinct chatter & sounds of crockery being used. (Wide perspective recording.)
School Dining Hall, busy atmosphere with some indistinct speech & sounds of crockery being used
School Dining Hall, fairly quiet atmosphere with some indistinct speech & sounds of crockery being used
Luncheon party with 50 men, general atmosphere with speech & occasional cutlery & crockery sounds
Hospital pharmcy, atmosphere with mixing of liquids, clinking of crockery & bottles & some indistinct speech
Beirut restaurant, indistinct speech with crockery sounds
Light chatter with crockery. Outdoor resturant
General atmosphere with birdsong, speech crockery and cutlery clatter. Outdoor resturant
Busy atmosphere in a cafe with teenagers talking. (Indistinct clatter of cutlery and crockery in background)
Quiet atmosphere in cheap restaurant with clatter of crockery and cutlery
Girls' Secondary School dining room, busy lunchtime atmosphere with speech & crockery clatter
Laying heavy crockery on wooden table. (Period)
Crockery and cutlery being washed up