Traffic - 499 sound effects

Atmosphere in a quiet urban post office with footsteps, voices and distant traffic - Jan '1980
Petrol station shop, with occasional voices and distant traffic - 1985
Quiet atmosphere in a bank, traffic noise increases when door opens - 1981
Quiet back street, Auckland - distant cars revving and accelerating, hum of air conditioning, sparrows, rustle of wind-blown paper
Queen Street, Auckland - cars and buses passing and waiting at busy crossroads, distant myna birds, laughter, conversation and pedestrian crossing signals
Busy street scene, Wellington - traffic footsteps, rattle of overhead wires and pantographs as electric buses pass, pedestrian crossings
Pedestrian crossings, Manly, Australia. Vibrating crossing signals, with passing traffic, footsteps and some distant voices
Station foyer, Circular Quay - general foyer atmosphere with ticket machines, entry gates and some distant traffic
Street scene, outside Circular Quay - buses stopping with air brakes, taxi rank, occasional passing traffic
Train passes - level crossing gates opened by hand, traffic resumes
Continental-type level crossing. Car crosses, bell, train passes, traffic resumes
Traffic jam with moving traffic - 1968
Traffic jam - 1968
Colliding traffic with horns - 1967
New York - Times Square, busy traffic
Bangkok Rush Hour Atmosphere, with motor cycles, cars, buses & Skytrain system. (Recorded in centre of city.)
3rd Class Single Deck Bus, run through traffic with starts & stops, with ticket machine
Heathrow Air Traffic - visual control tower
Heathrow Air Traffic - approach radar room
Voices, traffic, footsteps, ventilator hum in market
Exterior - park atmos., birdsong with crows & pigeons, children playing and adult voices, footsteps - distant traffic (rec. in Cismigiu Park, central Bucharest)
Exterior - tram passing, 1960's-bulit tram pass left to right - traffic in background
Exterior - traffic atmosphere, busy rush hour traffic, with birsong and people passing - occasional distant trams (rec. in Piata Unirii, Bucharest)
Dawn skyline atmosphere, birdsong including crows, distant traffic, barking dogs (rec. in yard enclosed by apartment blocks in Bucharest city centre)
Exterior - hillside above a Romanian village, wide perspective, birdsong, distant motor traffic, occasional insects, rooster crowing, chickens scratching, dogs
Exterior - country-yard atmos., chickens scratching around, birdsong, distant children playing, distant motor traffic occasionally (rec. nr Bulgarian border, Romania)
Exterior - slow trolleybus approach & stop, doors open, bus boarded, doors close. Interior - trolleybus moves off in heavy traffic. Exterior - doors close trolleybus departs
Exterior - Dacia (Romania's national car) in the rain, starts, police whistles and heavy traffic. Interior - engine start and drive on wet streets in heavy traffic - exterior - car drives away
Exterior - Piata Rosetti, Bucharest - morning rush hour atmos., traffic with birdsong, passers-by
Expresso coffee machine, person preparing coffee, close perspective
Traffic -Hammersmith- with "Star, News, Standard" shouted in background
Barman setting out bar, background traffic
St. Paul's Cathedral bells, pealing, with distant traffic - 1972
Westminster Abbey bells, from Dean's Yard, some birds, movement and traffic - 1972
Westminster Abbey bells, from Dean's Yard, some birds, movement and traffic - 1972
Westminster Abbey bells, from roof, peals with distant traffic, pealing ends - 1972
Courtyard, Prague Castle, echoey footsteps, some distinct speech (Czech), occasional bell, distant traffic
Market, Bratislava, speech (Slovak), distant traffic, some bangs, not very busy
Pedestrian street, Bratislava, footsteps on cobbles, speech (Slovak), no traffic
Street, Bratislava, traffic (including heavy trams), footsteps, some distinct speech (Slovak)
Atmosphere in a reception hall with footsteps, occasional indistinct voices, and very distant traffic - 1981
Small reception hall with footsteps, speech and traffic - 1972
Motorway traffic - close
Restaurant - exterior atmosphere - lunchtime, some passing traffic
Bergerac - traffic in city centre
The Park de Ville, Cognac - distant hum of traffic, pigeons, peacocks, running water and occasional bells chiming
Puntas Arenas - main square in southern most Chilean town, light chatter some traffic
Wimbledon 1997 - Queue outside All England club, chatter, passing traffic
Goat, interior, milked by hand, milk poured into churn at end of band, low level occasional distant traffic
Open field atmosphere, May, afternoon - with distant traffic and birdsong, 1980
Country garden, March - with birdsong and some distant traffic, 1978 (1B11 F)
Woodland edge, March - with robins, great tits and jays, distant traffic, 1981
Woodland, March, early morning - birdsong, raindrops on leaves, some distant traffic, 1978
Woodland, February, daytime - distant traffic, distant aircraft, 1981
Quiet hotel foyer atmosphere, traffic and indistinctive speech - 1981
Bank, Budapest, fairly busy, with distinct speech, bangs of document stamping, print-out noises, phones, and faint exterior traffic
Fruit and vegetable market (covered), Pecs, large and echoey, with speech, footsteps,bangs, distant traffic
Traffic, Moscva Ter, Budapest, with heavy traffic, including lots of trams, also footsteps and speech
Bar, Abaliget (village in southern Hungary) with animated chat (including children) radio, clinks, some exterior traffic noise
Traffic by Observatory Park, Helsinki