Traffic - 499 sound effects

Atmosphere in pits before start - 125cc machines, Isle of Man Tourist trophy race 1967
Heavy wheeled tractor, passing slowly
Tractor, passing slowly
Caterpillar road tractor towing, passing slowly
1 lorry passing slowly
1 lorry passing slowly
1 lorry passing slowly
2 lorries passing slowly
1 lorry passing slowly
1 lorry passing slowly
1 lorry passing slowly
Motor traffic at bust crossroads - traffic lights with filter lane
Motor traffic entering roundabout
Motor traffic leaving roundabout
Traffic entering & leaving, London Airport road tunnel 1958
General traffic atmosphere, London Airport road tunnel 1958
Traffic entering & leaving, Dartford Tunnel 1968
General traffic atmosphere, Dartford Tunnel 1968
Single horn - car stationary, Dartford Tunnel 1968
Car approach - with horn, stop, depart. Dartford Tunnel, 1968
Car approach & pass with horn. Dartford tunnel, 1968
Victor 2000 entering - passing vehicles, Dartford tunnel, 1968
Traffic on the M1, 1969 - mid perspective, use at low level
Traffic on the M1, 1969 - close perspective
Traffic at night - distant trains passing over bridge
Children playing in London street - car doors, traffic
Traffic moving through snow - use at low level
Traffic moving through snow - use at low level
Traffic moving through snow - use at low level
Quiet village - birds and light traffic
Two pairs of footsteps from foyer up to gallery (with traffic at beginning)
Aylesbury market, Buckinghamshire - atmosphere with speech, traffic and footsteps - 1981
Girls screaming in street, with traffic and horns - 1966 (63C, processed)
Cape Town - wide perspective, cicadas, gulls and traffic (night time)
Small town in the countryside (Bredasdorph) - light traffic, pedestrians and whistling wind
Quiet street corner (Swakopmund) - traffic, children, pedestrians and distant ocean surf
Windhoek (capital city) - street with traffic and pedestrians
exterior - heavy continuous rain on roof of stationary car, heavy traffic passing
interior - start, drive on cobbles in medium traffic, stop, switch off
Traffic with continuous hooters (Old Town Cairo)
Market in Cairo's Old Town (no traffic)
Busy Cairo traffic overlooking River Nile
Busy traffic in Saadzaghloul Square, Alexandria
Busy traffic - North Stockholm
Cobbled street - with trams, traffic and 3'42 pedestrians - Oslo
Khatmandu: Busy street , with heavy traffic (rickshaws, cars, etc.), some distinct speech
Calcutta: City street with traffic (rickshaws, buses, cars, etc.), footsteps, bells, some distinct speech
Old Delhi: Chandni Chowk, heavy traffic (rickshaws & cars), vendors, some distinct speech
Noon traffic - Ammassalik, East Greenland
City park, Asuncion, Paraguay with heavy traffic, footsteps, speech and some birdsong
Cafe, Asuncion, with distinct speech, radio, clinks etc. some traffic outside
Street, Cliza, on market day with cries from hawkers, footsteps and bells and chanting from blind fortune tellers, no traffic
Outdoor market, Cliza, small town in central Bolivia with livestock noise, also some muted chatter and traffic noise
Church bells, Tarata, various different bells, also birdsong and distant car horns and traffic
Town square, Tarata, small town in central Bolivia, with prominent birdsong, footsteps,indistinct speech and some traffic
Cafe, La Paz, with muted speech, clinks, expresso machine, radio and distant traffic
Bus terminal, La Paz, exterior with traffic, cries from bus conductors, footsteps, bus horns and occasional distant radio
Village,Bonito, (Mato Grosso do Sul, central Brazil) dawn,with cockerels,wind in trees,footsteps,some distinct speech and traffic,including 2 buses arriving and collecting people
Market,Cartagena (on Atlantic coast) cries of hawkers,carts,some traffic(including motorbikes)
Street,Zipaquira (village near Bogota in central Colombia) with traffic (occasionally heavy) ,footsteps,speech and roadworks noise