Traffic - 499 sound effects

Night traffic with vehicles passing close and mid distance
Winter day with house sparrow, starling and blackbird, distant traffic skyline
Early morning suburban birds with mid distant passing cars and heavy traffic skyline
Crowd, exterior, expectant crowd in large open courtyard, with footsteps, occasional close voices and distant traffic
Library, quiet atmosphere in galleried reference library, with footsteps and distant traffic
Hotal Dining Room, large busy dining room, with distant traffic
Istanbul, shoreside atmosphere, with lapping water, passing boats, distant voices and traffic skyline
Istanbul, street music, with passing traffic and voices
Istanbul, idestreet, with streetsellers, distant traffic and road sweeping by hand
Istanbul, sidestreet, occasional traffic on wet road, shutters closed, footsteps and voices
Istanbul, street atmosphere, with voices, footsteps, and some traffic
Istanbul, traffic at busy road junction, no voices
Istanbul, skyline atmosphere, with call to prayer, dog barking, children and traffic
Spain: Small zoo & aviary in recreational area, with lots of noise from monkeys when teased, dog barks occasionally & traffic.
Spain: Large open square Cadiz, general atmosphere with children, mothers & traffic
Spain: Fountain in busy square, with lots of traffic in background, hear chanting & singing in a Flamenco rhythm (at approx 3m12s)
Spain: School, exterior, children playing at lunchtime, with fountain in distance & background traffic
Spain: One horse exercised in outdoor riding school, with lots of birdsong, subdued chatter, children playing in distance & distant traffic.
Spain: Small Square general atmosphere, with children running around shouting, general chatter, background small town traffic
Spain: Busy street, traffic with many motorbikes & mopeds
Greece: School playground, very noisy with children shouting & playing, distant traffic, bell rings & they go in
Greece: Hardware store with chat, clinks, till noise, parcels being wrapped up & distant traffic
Greece: Cafe atmosphere, with heavy traffic, chat & crockery clinks, also vendor van. (Could be used as a general town atmosphere.)
Greece: Traffic during election rally, with very heavy traffic, car horns & hooters, also shouting & sirens
Greece: Very busy street atmosphere with heavy traffic, motorbikes, cars, car horns & lorries, also footsteps & voices
Greece: Clothing market, open market with stallholders' shouts (otherwise fairly muted) & distant traffic
Greece: Fruit market, bustle & chat, also distant radio & traffic, some children, till noise & telephone
Ethiopia: Bahar Dar, market atmosphere, with some traffic & distinct speech (Amharic)
Zaire: Kisangani, street atmosphere with some traffic, bike bells, car horns, footsteps & distinct speech
Central African Republic: Carnot, market atmosphere in small town, with some traffic & distinct speech
Niger: Niamey, market atmosphere, with traffic & bells
Algeria: Tamanrasset, market atmosphere, with distant traffic
Morocco: Rabat, cafe atmosphere with audible traffic, TV & expresso machine
Morocco: Marrakesh, market square with music & distant traffic
Morocco: Meknes, food market (medina) with some distant traffic
Changchun: Busy market atmosphere, Changchun, with light traffic
Changchun: Street atmosphere, with traffic, trolley buses & bicycles
Datong: Narrow street with crowds, bicycles & light traffic
Tijuana: Traffic atmosphere at U.S./Mexican border
New Orleans: House Finch at night, with background traffic
Philadelphia: Traffic with horse & buggy
New York: Broadway traffic, mid-morning,
Indoor Market, general chatter & footsteps, distant rumble of occasional traffic
Polo, horselines after match, noisy with horses being untacked, washed down, etc., with some chat, traffic & distinct speech
Polo, horselines during match, clinks of horses tied to metal rails, distant P.A., some chat, horses galloping, distant traffic
Polo, warm up before match with horses hooves, ball being hit, some distinct chat from players & distant traffic, ends with bell for start of match
Quiet spring morning atmosphere in residential garden square, with birds, distant traffic and occasional close passing
Spring afternoon atmosphere in park with birds and distant heavy traffic
Spring afternoon lakeside activity with waterfowl, footsteps and voices, distant traffic
Trafalgar Square, London, mid distant group of children feeding pigeons and seagulls, heavy traffic background
Heavy passing traffic and occasional voices and footsteps, river boat hoots at 3'14"
Close perspective international crowds passing with heavy traffic background. (Rec. Oxford Circus)
Crowds, Eiffel Tower, atmosphere of large international crowd waiting for lifts, with distant traffic
Arc De Triomphe, heavy traffic with occasional police whistles
Avenue Des Champs Elysees, wide perspective with heavy traffic, pedestrians and occasional close speech, police
Central Market, Moscow (exterior) very lively, with some distinct speech also distant traffic
Street shopping mall, with footsteps, chat and distant traffic
Horse-drawn carriages on cobbles in Stephansplatz, also speech (including children) footsteps, some traffic
Traffic in Opernring (main road in middle of city) heavy traffic, including trams with bells, also roadworks
Beer garden in Am Coblenzl suburb, chat (some distinct) birdsong, cock-crows, distant traffic, sounds of barbecue being cooked and served