Tram - 154 sound effects

Street scene, Christchurch - outside arts centre (afternoon), horse-drawn carriage passes, tram approaches, stops, then departs with honks, clanks and hiss of steam
Squeaky trolley bumped along - 1967
Squeaky trolley - 1967 (7B)
Street car - doors close, interior run, alight (New Orleans)
Don Muang International Airport, atmopshere on departures concourse with voices, footsteps, P.A. system, flight indicator board & trolleys
Trolleys passing, Covent Garden
Fruit and veg hall, voices and trolleys. Covent Garden
Interior - tram journey 1950's-built tram with trailer unit - very noisy
Exterior - tram passing, 1960's tram passes right to left with bell
Exterior - busy morning atmosphere at rush hour tram stop, 1960's-built trams arrive
Exterior - tram passing, 1960's-bulit tram pass left to right - traffic in background
Exterior - platform atmosphere, train boarding, busy movement of people with suitcases and trolleys rattling over mosaic tiling - 2nd train arrives on adjacent platform at 1'50", whistle
Exterior - traffic atmosphere, busy rush hour traffic, with birsong and people passing - occasional distant trams (rec. in Piata Unirii, Bucharest)
Tram passes right to left
Tram, Prague, internal, starts and stops, with PA announcements, chat etc
Kotna" department store, Prague, busy, with footsteps, speech (Czech), trolleys and till noise
Street, Bratislava, traffic (including heavy trams), footsteps, some distinct speech (Slovak)
Trolley passing in hospital corridor - 1966
Trolley passing in hospital corridor - 1966
Tram, internal, Budapest, constant run with stops and starts, doors opening and closing, some quiet speech
Supermarket, Budapest, busy, with speech and trolley noise
Traffic, Moscva Ter, Budapest, with heavy traffic, including lots of trams, also footsteps and speech
Tram journey, Helsinki
General atmosphere with trolleys
Early morning porters and trolleys
Tram ride, Alexndria
Tram departs in Shatby District, Alexandria,
Cobbled street - with trams, traffic and 3'42 pedestrians - Oslo
Trolleys passing, Covent Garden market - 1973
Covent Garden market, atmosphere in fruit and vegetable hall, unloading, quiet voices and trolleys - 1973
Changchun: Tram, interior, tram ride with stops & indistinct voices
Changchun: Street atmosphere, with trams & street criers
Gare D'Austerliuz station concourse atmosphere at ticket barrier as train arrives, with electric trolleys passing, indistinct
Traffic in Opernring (main road in middle of city) heavy traffic, including trams with bells, also roadworks
Heavy traffic, Cracow, with cars, trams and bikes
Supermarket atmosphere, with check-out bell (at 58s), footsteps, trolleys, voices & baskets being stacked
Public Library with voices, footsteps, trolleys & a telephone (at 20s)
Main Line Railway Station, with footsteps, voices, trolleys, destination indicators & P.A. announcements (at 2m45s).
Switzerland: Tram journey
Amsterdam Tram, exterior, pass from right to left. (8-axle articulated tram, built 1980.)
Amsterdam Tram, exterior, doors close with bell, departs. (8-axle articulated tram, built 1980.)
Amsterdam Tram, exterior, approach, doors open & passengers alight. (8-axle articulated tram, built 1980.)
Amsterdam Tram, interior, run with several stops & some Dutch voices.(8-axle articulated tram, built 1980.)
Aberdeen Tram, exterior, run at speed with hooter
Aberdeen Trams, exterior, new tram crossing points followed by older model tram
Glasgow Tram, interior, start, slow run over points, stop
Glasgow Tram, interior, bell rings, start, run & stop
Tram, approach, pass & stop
Two trams pass
Tram, approach & pass
Tram, approach & pass
Tram, approach, pass & stop
Tram, interior, start, run & stop. (Recorded on top deck.)
Tram, run with increasing & decreasing speed, stop
Tram, stop, start & run
Tram, start, run, stop with Conductor, whistle & faint bell
London Tram, approach with Driver's bell, stop, second tram passes
London Tram, approach, stop, passengers alight, depart
London Tram, approach, pass & stop
Hyde Tram, stop with electric brakes