Tree - 86 sound effects

Lorikeets at dawn, Manly beach, Australia - raccous dawn chorus of Rainbow Lorikeets in tall trees against a background of Tasman sea surf
One tree sagging and crashing into water - 1972
Sawing tree and crash - 1967
Khao Yai National Park, with sound of insects, creek, slight breeze & swaying trees. (Recorded on edge of Khao Yai National Park.)
Tourist site near Perigord - tourists waiting to visit caves, recorded under trees in the rain
Stream atmosphere in ravine - a light breeze through trees, distant glacier rumble (Chile)
One Cow, exterior, passes on hard ground, with wind in trees & occasional distant vehicles
Woodland, dusk wind in trees, birdsong, distant light aircraft, bee buzzing, 1972
Woodland, daytime - blustery wind in trees, birdsong, creaking tree, 1972
Lakeside oasis, mid-afternoon, winter, Kirtha Ra National Park, Pakistan, many frogs,some close-up, also birds, insects and wind in trees
Cattle, calves loaded/unloaded from trailer, rear tailgate opened/closed, straw spread, calves loaded, faint wind in trees
Cattle, TB testing in yard, with lots of mooing from cows & noise from cattle crush, with occasional gusts of wind in trees & birds singing
Goats mating, with other goats bleating in background & some wind in trees. (Perspective varies as goats move around in front of microphone.)
Sheep, exterior, sheep run past on concrete, with some wind in trees
Sheep, flock of sheep run up lane with lots of wind in trees, gate opening
Chickens, exterior, cockerel & hens scratching in grass for corn, with some very gentle wind in trees & aircraft briefly heard in distance. (Close perspective recording.)
Chickens, loud cockerel, hens moving round hen-house, with some wind in trees & dog barking occasionally in background. (Microphone outside hen-house.)
Rwanda: Early evening tropical rain forest atmosphere, with marsh & tree frogs & insects
Zaire: Late evening marshy jungle atmosphere, with tree frogs & crickets
Cameroon: Tropical rain forest atmosphere, with turaco birds, insects & tree frogs
Cameroon: Yaounde, mid afternoon tropical rain forest atmosphere, with crickets, tree frogs & rain on big leaves. (Just south of Yaounde.)
Wind on dunes by palm tree - thin wind with some sand, sea & some buffering
Rooks in the tree tops - 1972
Norfolk Broads, daytime atmosphere - with wind through trees, creaking trees, waterfowl etc. - 1982
Summer atmosphere - quiet wind in trees and atmosphere just before dawn, distant aircraft - 1980
Cicadas - large number in trees (NZ)
Large tree falling
Three trees falling (index point for each fall)
Tree being chopped down
Tree falling
Tree falling
Tree falling
Chopping tree
Campsite (Naukluft Mountains) - light wind in trees, 7am, sound of birds with occaisional people
Wind in wattle trees - wattle track, Tiritiri Matangi Island (NZ)
Tui & bell birds feeding in rata trees, Kapiti Island
Dawn chorus - open farmland surrounded by trees, Waitomo, New Zealand
Tree falling (84C)
Tree falling (84C)
Axe used to chop tree down (84C)
Bongo riverboat-canoe made from hollowed out tree trunk - with 40hp motor
Evening birdsong, Pantanal Swamp (central Brazil) with ibis,great kiskadee,toco toucan and parakeet,wind in trees
Village,Bonito, (Mato Grosso do Sul, central Brazil) dawn,with cockerels,wind in trees,footsteps,some distinct speech and traffic,including 2 buses arriving and collecting people
Village atmos. Santana (small village near Cartagena) small but busy crowd with noisy children,also wind in trees
Spain: Countryside atmosphere, with birdsong & some wind noise in trees
Collie/Labrador crosses, exterior, barking, with birdsong in background & some wind in trees
Two horses at trot on tarmac, approach, stop & depart, left to right, some wind in trees
Two horses at walk on tarmac, approach, stop & depart, right to left, some wind in trees
Two horses pass at walk on tarmac road, left to right, some wind in trees
Two horses approach at walk on tarmac, car passes, approach, stop & depart, left to right, some wind in trees
Very quiet lochside mixed woodland atmosphere in afternoon, waves lapping, occasional coal lit, wind in trees
Tree creaking in strong wind
Strong wind in trees
Town park atmosphere - birds and wind in trees - 1972
Coniferous woodland in late Spring, midday atmosphere with Black Kite, Tree Sparrows, Corn Bunting, Chaffinch, field crickets, bees, flies & distant Hoopoe
Welsh Hillside with occasional creaking trees, birds & distant sheepdog
Woodland Atmosphere: Dusk, Wind in trees, bird song, distant aircraft, bee buzzing
Woodland Atmosphere: Daytime, Wind in trees, bird song, creaking tree
Atmospheres, Summer: Just before dawn, constant quiet wind in trees. (Technical note, to be played at low level)
Birds & Backgrounds: Rooks in the tree tops