Wind - 361 sound effects

Multiple shutter click with wind-on of 6 by 6 cm SLR Hasselblad camera
Single shutter click with wind-on of 6 by 6 cm SLR Hasselblad camera
Shutter click and manual wind-on of 35 mm SLR camera
Quiet back street, Auckland - distant cars revving and accelerating, hum of air conditioning, sparrows, rustle of wind-blown paper
Budgerigars and doves, Warratah Park, Australia - occasional wind in dry leaves and crow calling
Stream entering cave (slight wind noise on microphone)
Thai Diesel Express Train, interior, atmosphere in third class carriage, constant run with open windows & on board vendors, slow & stop with squeaking brakes, station atmosphere with P.A., bell & train horn, train starts into run
Interior - small modern office atmosphere, keying on two word processors, occasional talk, coughs etc, infrequent car/lorry passes as heard through window (rec. Bucharest)
Purgatory - icy wind & fire
Windmill - exterior, sails rotating in wind
Window breaking (5C2)
French farmhouse - looking out of a farmhouse window on a windy day
Bamboo and reed forest wind through undergrowth with birds. San Martin de los Andes, Argentina
One Cow, exterior, passes on hard ground, with wind in trees & occasional distant vehicles
Cattle, exterior, approx 30-50 passing on tarmac, with some wind noise (effect ends abruptly)
Three Tamworth Pigs, exterior, grunting in yard, some wind noise. (Close perspective recording.)
Old-English Goat, interior, bleating, occasional wind noise
Woodland, dusk wind in trees, birdsong, distant light aircraft, bee buzzing, 1972
Woodland, daytime - blustery wind in trees, birdsong, creaking tree, 1972
Lakeside oasis, mid-afternoon, winter, Kirtha Ra National Park, Pakistan, many frogs,some close-up, also birds, insects and wind in trees
Cattle, calves loaded/unloaded from trailer, rear tailgate opened/closed, straw spread, calves loaded, faint wind in trees
Cattle, TB testing in yard, with lots of mooing from cows & noise from cattle crush, with occasional gusts of wind in trees & birds singing
Goats mating, with other goats bleating in background & some wind in trees. (Perspective varies as goats move around in front of microphone.)
Sheep, exterior, sheep run past on concrete, with some wind in trees
Sheep, flock of sheep run up lane with lots of wind in trees, gate opening
Chickens, exterior, cockerel & hens scratching in grass for corn, with some very gentle wind in trees & aircraft briefly heard in distance. (Close perspective recording.)
Chickens, loud cockerel, hens moving round hen-house, with some wind in trees & dog barking occasionally in background. (Microphone outside hen-house.)
Set of rapids in a small river
Cascade of numerous small waterfalls
Medium size fast flowing river
Fast flowing river with numerous medium size waterfalls
Large waterfall - very high drop into fast flowing river (recorded at distance)
Small waterfall - a thin waterfall in fast running stream with long drop
Sea ripples - water along shore being rippled by wind & tide
Wind on dunes by palm tree - thin wind with some sand, sea & some buffering
Wind on tundra - cold rolling wilderness sound
Light neutral wind - ideal for unintrusive backgrounds
Savage wind - relentless, searing, very strong wind
Desert wind - dry, hot, sandy, constant
Wind on mountain - strong, gusty, cold wind
Soft sea breeze - light, wispy gentle wind
Aerial wind - constantly buffeting wind from birds eye view
Post snow storm - soft, gentle wind after snow has settled
Blizzard - height of driving snow storm
Snow storm - heavy snow in swirling wind
Norfolk Broads, daytime atmosphere - with wind through trees, creaking trees, waterfowl etc. - 1982
Summer atmosphere - quiet wind in trees and atmosphere just before dawn, distant aircraft - 1980
Winding cotton on to shuttle (hand-operated sewing machine)
Old sash window opened & closed
Wind machine
Small town in the countryside (Bredasdorph) - light traffic, pedestrians and whistling wind
Campsite (Naukluft Mountains) - light wind in trees, 7am, sound of birds with occaisional people
Windhoek (capital city) - street with traffic and pedestrians
Wind in wattle trees - wattle track, Tiritiri Matangi Island (NZ)
Average sea with wind whistling on Lee Rail (STS Malcolm Miller)
'Trade winds', a Clipper sailing with wind and sea
'Roaring forties', a Clipper sailing with wind and sea
Lee no!" shouted in wind (19ft cabin sloop)
Sailing against the wind (19ft cabin sloop)
exterior - electric window, wound up