Wrestling - 47 sound effects

Bell, end of round, quiet speech at a wrestling match
Applause for throw at a wrestling match
Shouts of encouragement at a wrestling match
Announcement, bell, wrestling bout begins
Public address announcement and crowd reaction at a wrestling match
General atmosphere with spectators arriving before a wrestling match
Tag match: PA annct with crowd reaction, bell; bout begins
Laughter and applause after throw at a wrestling match
Animated crowd reaction at a wrestling match
Good throw and applause, bell into PA and chatter
Tag match - PA announcement with crowd reaction, bell, bout begins
Laughter & applause after throw
Animated crowd reaction
Good throw & applause - bell into PA & chatter
Bell - end of round, into quiet chatter
Applause for throw
Shouts of encouragement
Announcement - bell, bout begins
PA announcement. & crowd reaction
General atmosphere - spectators arriving
Applause & whistles
Announcement for retirement - applause
Medium applause into atmosphere
Announcement - seconds out, round 5, bell, into round
End of round, bell & applause
Rowdy crowd with booing, etc.
Last round of big fight
Announcement into 1st round - bell at end of round into atmosphere, seconds out, bell, into 2nd round - fairly quiet contest
General atmosphere before contest
Practising with punch bell - distant conversation
2 heavy weights in gymnasium - bell at end
1 round of hard boxing - no audience
3rd round - enthusiastic, starts with bell
1st round - fairly quiet, starts with bell
Crowd assembling
Wrestling: Boos
Wrestling: Shouts and cheers
Wrestling: Cheers and sound of bell
Wrestling: Bell and cheers
Wrestling: Audience counting out
Wrestling: Rhythmic stamping and slow handclap
Wrestling: Count, bell and applause
Wrestling: Applause and mocking laughter
Wrestling: Fall, bell, applause
Wrestling: Fight atmosphere, serious bout
Wrestling: Fight atmosphere, light-hearted bout